Mark Sidney| Opinion|  I think it is fair to say that Portland has fallen. At the very least, a certain portion of the city, at a certain time, seemingly every night, falls into the hands of the mob.

In what is perhaps the most visually representative event of the on goings in Portland (and other cities over run by black block mobs,) a frail old woman (with white skin, which should be irrelevant, however thanks to the left and the media, but I repeat myself, now seems to be the only thing that matters) … using a walker mind you, was attacked by children (and ‘adults’?) acting like spoiled brats.

Her crime?  Defending the city’s East Precinct from a horde of angry radicals.

The older woman was also seen trying to extinguish an arson fire that had been set by Antifa, or Antifa style, terrorizers in a trash can, up against the building which the precinct is housed in.

The nerve of this woman do defend the property she and the rest of the community who works/worked for a living and pay taxes, fund/funded, right?

Portland police posted a photo of the woman.  The videos below seem to show two different, elderly, white women, protecting the building.

‘This unknown woman using a walker was confronted by the group currently outside East Precinct and paint was strewn all over her.’

‘There was a separate unknown woman using a walker outside of East Precinct who attempted to extinguish a fire set by the group. The woman depicted in this photo was not using a walker.’

Twitter user, Danny Peterson, posted videos of both the fire in the trash bin and the local woman trying to extinguish it:

‘Fire lit trash can outside precinct’

‘Local resident woman attempts to put fire out with extinguisher,’ he wrote.

Here is the same woman putting her body in harms way, between the East Precinct and the mob, in an apparent attempt to stop the ‘peaceful protesters’ for further damaging the building.

The fact that these kids do not think twice about treating older women this way should tell you all you need to know about their pension for violence and lack of value on human life … at least the lives of those who disagree with their, seemingly M**xist aims.

As the lady tried to put out the fire, the ‘peaceful protesters’ try to stop her and one gets in her face and seems to ask ‘are you a local racist,’ or perhaps ‘are you a local resident,’  which prompts the lady to hold up her sign with reads ‘BLM.’

The poor old lady ends up covered in paint, thanks to the ‘peaceful protesters.’

Fearless journalist, Andy Nego, tweeted:

An older woman tried to stop #antifa rioters from continuing their attack on the Portland Police east precinct tonight. She stood in the front and they dumped some white liquid all over her & curse her out. #PortlandRiots

“We got the guillotine, you better run!” sings the music played by the loving and ‘peaceful protesters;’

Again, is this not the most telling footage from the riots to date?  A bunch of kids, covering their faces, dressed in all black, screaming at, throwing paint on, and harassing a old woman with a walker all because she is trying to put out an arson fire and stop the destruction of city property.

The Portland Police eventually showed up and declared the assembly ‘unlawful.’

Good thing the Trump admin pull out of Portland, it looks like things have really settled down, just like the left promised it would.  What if, hear me out here … the problem was not capitalism and America … but the soft and spoiled rotten kids infected with the mind virus that is leftism?  But, hey, what do I know, right?

Mark Siidney

Father, Husband, Son. Mark is just a regular guy from a blue color family who writes opinion articles. Mark has Economics & Political Science degrees from Rutgers University.

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