Opinion| New York’s utter failure of a Mayor, Democrat, Bill de Blasio, is now begging for a hand out (of your money) because of his utter failure to manage the city of New York.

He joined CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an effort to shift the blame to everyone but himself for his utter failure.

Wolf Blitzer actually came out of the box with a hard hitting question, much to my amazement: ‘According to statistics just released by the New York Police Department, shooting incidents in New York City, uh, in July were up 177%, over July of last year.  Murders were up by nearly 59%.  Burglaries up 31% over July of 2019.  Uh, are you failing?  What’s going on? Are you keeping New York City residents safe right now?

New York’s Democrat Mayor, Bill de Blasio, responded: ‘Look, we have the strongest police department in the whole country, but we are seeing this all over, cities all over the nation.  Uh, its been a massive dislocation.  People don’t have jobs, there isn’t school …’

LOL, yes, he actually said ‘there isn’t school.’  It’s August bro, there is never school in August.

de Blasio continued: ‘ … there aren’t houses of worship, until recently, weren’t open.  You talk about every element of our society, Wolf, is what is contributing to this massive surge that we are all experiencing.  But, the NYPD is fighting back.  We out a variety of new strategies out there.  We are working much more closely with communities to help stop the violence. ‘ 

The NYPD is fighting back‘ de Blasio said. Funny, he didn’t mention how he agreed to cut a billion dollars from the NYPD budget.  Nor did he mention how he disbanded a ‘plain clothes, anti-crime unit.’

NYC’s Mayor continued: ‘Look, we need help, let’s be clear, the help we need, is to make sure we can keep all of our public services.  Whether you are talking about safety, health, education, that’s all on the line now, if we do not get federal support soon.’

AYFKM?!  You shut down your entire city, cut back on cops as crime spikes, the state your city is in is responsible for about 32,000 of 159,000 total deaths attributed to ‘you know what,’ which is a stunning 20% of total deaths in the nation and now you are demanding that the rest of us pay for your radical leftist failures? How about hell no.  You made your bed, you lie in it.

At some point there needs to be accountability here.  This is why we are in the mess we are in, the left seems to never have had to deal with consequences in their lives, they are constantly looking for someone else to pay for their mistakes.  It’s maddening and if America is to survive, it must end, and it must end NOW.

The socialist continued: ‘… and I am very worried about these stimulus talks in Washington, Wolf, they seem to be going to where fast.  My challenge is, where am I going to have the people to do this work?  I may have to do as many as, layoffs of 22,000 city employees, from every department, by October 1st, if I don’t get federal help. 

I know we can handle all these problems, we have proven we can before, but we can’t do it without the skilled personnel.  The cops, firefighters, the healthcare workers, teachers, that’s the biggest threat right now, what if that federal aid doesn’t come. Time is a wasting Wolf.’

The lack of self awareness is infuriating, to be frank.  You made this mess, sorry Bill, you can figure it out, you have the crown jewel of the nation in your city. If you want to generate revenue for the city … open it up FFS!  You need to borrow money, borrow it on the city’s credit, not my kids.

This is why we fled the Northeast, I don’t want to pay for these idiot politicians making the same socialist mistakes over and over and over again.  I could rant forever over this one, but one last thing … all of a sudden he likes the cops now?  Shameless.

You can watch the exchange here:

de Blasio is an utter failure, he needs to be replaced ASAP and we can only pray the damage he’s done can be reversed … in our lifetime.

Mark Siidney

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