Opinion| John Lake| This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what teachers union in some areas have been doing in order to force their insane agenda across the goal line.  Some teacher’s unions are trying to force the ‘defunding’ of the police into their agreement to start teaching again.  How anyone can think these groups actually care about these kids and their education is beyond me.

Teachers in the Huron Valley school district are using school email to organize for Democrats in what appears to be a violation of the law. Nicholas Peruski, vice president of the Huron Valley Education Association, which is the teacher’s union sent an email promoting two Democratic candidates for public office.

Michigan has a state law that bans such use of public assets in order to promote political favorites. These are costs that the Democratic party should be paying for themselves just like PBS and VOA (Voice of America) have done. Someone should pay the price for this excursion of the law.

In one instance, Peruski urged teachers to vote for a certain township candidate and in another asked for volunteers to work for the campaign of a state representative candidate, Denise Forrest. Peruski even offered “door prizes” for those who would participate.

Here is a copy of that email:

The email was an apparent violation of Michigan Finance Law. If it had been done to boost Republicans, someone would already be in jail. Democrats continue to skirt the law for one simple reason. They get away with it. With no consequences, why wouldn’t they? Only when someone is made to pay the price for crimes will things like this cease.

Michigan law firm Miller Canfield has issued guidelines on these matters and the use of district assets during an eklection but their guidance was ignored for exactly the reason I just mentioned.

Breitbart News reported:

Kimberly Root, executive director of School Safety, Communications & Strategic Initiatives, told Breitbart News Peruski’s email violated the district’s technology use policy and corrective action was being taken. Peruski did not respond to a request for comment.

“Sadly, I’m not surprised,” incumbent state Rep. Matt Maddock (R-Milford) told Breitbart News.

“Unfortunately some schools and teachers have become very biased against Republicans. It’s showing in the classrooms and evidently now outside the classroom. Abusing tax dollars during this crisis makes it even worse,” he said.

The law firm issued the following statement;

“The use of any school district facilities, including emails, phones, or social media accounts, by a campaign committee for the purpose of contacting voters or promoting a yes vote is prohibited.”

“Unions and associations may not use school district resources (including mailboxes) to communicate with their members about election campaign matters.” 

Does this surprise you … even a little?  The public education system has been weaponized against this nation for far too long.  It it high time it comes to an end.