S.A.| Minneapolis police are telling law-abiding citizens that if a thief wants your phone, your wallet, or your car to give it to them right away.

I wonder if that is to keep you safe or to keep the mugger safe.

Knowing Mayor Frey, I have to believe it is to keep the mugger safe because he has never shown himself to be concerned about law-abiding citizens.

Crime is rising rapidly in cities governed by Democratic mayors who all seem to support the rioters but law-abiding citizens, not so much.  Minneapolis might be getting its residents trained for when they do away with their police department. Once the police are gone the criminals will be running the city, so you might as well get used to it.

If you live in a city run by Republicans you may disregard this message as the police will still be there to defend you.

Besides, there is a 50-50 chance that the gun you are carrying will be bigger than the mugger’s. If that’s the case, they will either back down or achieve room temperature.

Ten years ago it would have been unthinkable that any city would defund their police department. I wonder if that’s an idea the city leaders decided for themselves or whether they are merely giving in to the criminals. You get three guesses and the first two do not count.

From Breitbart News

One Minneapolis resident who refused to give in without a fight was 99-year-old Evelyn Johnson, who fought with an intruder: “”He thought he was just going to cover my mouth and smother me, but that didn’t happen. I fought him. We wrestled for quite a while, according to all my bruises,” she told KSTP.

The Democrat-dominated Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a resolution in June to abolish the police department — much to the chagrin of local leaders in the black community, who spoke out against the plan in July.

The local Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that local black leaders had called the plan to abolish or defund the police “Egregious, grotesque, absurd, crazy, ridiculous.”

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