Opinion| Ahle| Martha MacCallum made Eric Swalwell look like a fool, well … Eric Swalwell also made Eric Swalwell look like a fool, yet again.

MacCallum was referring to the way the Democrats refused to allow AG Bill Barr to answer their questions. ‘Reclaiming my time’ the Democrats repeated over and over after ‘asking’ rhetorical ‘questions’ in the most childish display I have seen to date on the floor of the House.  \

As MacCallum said, the Democrats could have just posted a picture of Barr and took turns yelling at it.

MacCallum asked Swalwell why they refused to allow AG Barr to answer questions. Well, I know the answer to that. Every time he responds to the Democrats, he embarrasses them and they simply did not want their butts handed to them again.

When it came time for Barr to answer, the Democrat posing the question would take back their time, so that Barr would not be permitted to answer. This went on all day. This was not congress at it’s finest. Perhaps they decided their best chance is the same as Biden’s. Hide in your basement and try to hide how ridiculous you are.

The Democrats have bestowed their blessing on the domestic terrorist groups rioting across the country. In order to curry favor with antifa and BLM, the Democrats are willing to bend over backwards. Some of them are willing to bend over forward.

MacCallum lectured Swalwell:

“They kept saying, ‘oh, give me back my time, give me back my time.’ So here’s my question. Your committee has wanted him to come in here for a long time, right? I might think myself and a lot of other Americans wanted to see the exchange, because many of you have accused him of sidling up to the president, acting on his behalf. This was a golden opportunity for the country to hear what his answer was, and they didn’t get to hear what his answer was and I’m wondering if there was a fear that if he was given that opportunity that he might be persuasive to some people.”

MacCallum then asked Swalwell why they invited Barr in to answer questions and once he was there, not allow him to answer any of the questions? In the future Barr should not agree to testify before congress unless they guaranty in writing that he will be permitted to answer questions.

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