Opinion|  I am not sure if you were able to watch any of the hearings that the House Judiciary committee held today, but you can take it from me, it was a complete and total s*** show.

I think Elon Musk said it best when he recently stated that ‘the left is losing the middle.’

There may be no better example of that point than the railroading of Attorney General Barr today by the Marxists … err, Congressional Democrats.

The Penguin (Jerry Nadler) is the perfect example of why weak men (or women) should never, ever, ever get their hands on power.  The man is a walking case study in tyrannical government administered by power hungry failures.

Oh, you would like an example, no sweat, how about this one where Nadler scolds the GOP for …drinking coffee during the hearing:

The Daily Caller reported:

@RepJerryNadler scolds Republican members of the committee for not wearing their masks

“Is it permissible to drink?”

NADLER: “It is not permissible!“‘

That should give you a good feeling for the atmosphere of the hearings.  Now for the main event:

The Gateway Pundit explained:

‘After hours of abuse, slander and rage from Democrats, AG Bill Barr asks for a 5 minute break.  When Chairman Nadler refuses, AG Barr says what we’ve been thinking for years about Nadler…’

Benny immortalized the moment on Jack Dorsey’s speech killing publishing site, Twitter:

‘AG BARR: “Could we take a 5 minute break, Mr. Chairman?”


Rep. Biggs tweeted out what everyone with half a brain who was watching this was no doubt thinking:

‘House Judiciary Democrats are setting up “gotcha” questions for AG Barr, then cutting him off before he can give a complete answer.

This hearing is nothing short of political theater, & the American people should be outraged that Democrats aren’t concerned with solving issues.’

I would say if the Democrats on this panel reminded me of one thing  it would be cornered rats.  If Barr was on the fence about exposing all the crimes the previous administration carried out against the Republic, I would bet he is reconsidering holding back now.  I pray he starts indicting people sooner rather than later.  The time for justice is NOW.

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