Steven Ahle| 24-year-old Jovana Kelsey McCreary was allegedly kicked out of her shared apartment after she began acting erratic and was waving a gun around.

The police were called (I guess no social workers were available at the time) and they began to question her.

She denied having a gun and blamed the confrontation on her roommate.

She remained calm as the police questioned her and even told them the could search her belongings.

The found ammunition and drugs on her and then was notified that she had an outstanding warrant.

They began to take her into custody, when she reached into her waistband and pulled out a gun.

She then fired at the officers, barely missing them and the police fired back, hitting the woman twice and sending her down to the pavement as she screamed in pain.

Luckily, she is expected to survive.

The officers were unscathed by the assailants bullets.

She went down really quick. When do the riots start? McCreary is exactly why it will be very dangerous in cities where they have done away with the police and replace them with unarmed community officers.

People who are unable to defend themselves are going to die.

In today’s world even a common traffic stop can devolve into flying bullets and people will get hurt.

Even if they arm them with tasers, the risk will still be as great. Men and women on powerful drugs sometimes just shrug off the taser and continue to lash out and fight.

The entire episode was caught on a body cam and shows without a shadow of a doubt that she was the aggressor but in today’s world that isn’t enough.

Imagine you live in Minneapolis and you are accosted by someone like this. The police have been disbanded. Who do you call? Antifa? BLM?

Steven Ahle

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