Opinion| By now I have a feeling that you have come to the realization that there is no such thing as ‘unbiased news reporting.’  Of course, there are some journalists who try harder than others to hide their bias, and some who clearly are not even pretending to care that they are not reporting news, but spewing propoganda.

This is exactly the reason that I respect Rachel Maddow 100x more than I do, say, Shep Smith or CNN’s Cuomo.  Maddow owns the fact that she is trying to convince you to think like she does.  The other guys operate under the false pretense that they are objective, when IMHO, it just clearly is not the case.

You can add us to the bias list too.  This is why we plaster the word ‘opinion all over our blog … we want to be upfront about the fact that we are not ‘objective news publishers,’ we are activists, and defenders of the United States Constitution, Judeo-Christian values, hard work, the meritocracy, law and order … and other libertarians and conservative ideals.

Now, you would think that 15 people being shot outside of a funeral home would be primetime, front page, break into the current programing with an update, kind of news … right?  Well, if you are watching CNN or MSNBC, it is not, according to Fox News.

Fox News reported:

‘A mass shooting happened outside a Chicago funeral home on Tuesday night, but viewers who rely on CNN and MSNBC were unaware of the breaking news as the liberal networks declined to cover the story as it unfolded.

The gunfire — extending a summer of violence in the nation’s third-largest city — left at least 15 people wounded and drew new criticism of the city’s leaders, who have pushed back against President Trump’s call for federal intervention into big-city lawlessness.

A search of transcripts revealed that CNN and MSNBC did not mention the mass shooting in Chicago through midnight ET.

By comparison, Fox News informed viewers of the news during an interview with White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on “Hannity” at roughly 9:15 p.m. ET. “Hannity” then conducted a panel discussion about the tragic shooting as the news unfolded.

Fox News then cut short Hannity’s interview with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to air a news conference about the shooting at 9:30 p.m. ET, which CNN and MSNBC ignored.’

According to the Murdoch/News Corp’s website, Foxnews.com,

A SUV was driving down 79th St at around 6:30 PM, when all of a sudden, shots rang out from inside the vehicle.  The shots were fired in the direction of a group of people mourning outside of a funeral home said Chicago police First Deputy Supt. Eric Carter.

Despite Chicago’s notoriously strict gun laws, the report states that members of the mourning party, who were being shot at, drew their own weapons and returned fire into the SUV.  The SUV sped off before crashing a short time later. The occupants of the offending SUV scattered in different directions following the crash.

Fox News went on to claim:

‘While Chicago police updated Fox News viewers about the mass shooting, CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” namesake Chris Cuomo was busy condemning the Department of Homeland Security’s decision to send federal officers to Portland.

Over on MSNBC, “The Rachel Maddow Show” ignored the breaking news to criticize President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.’

An unfathomable 83 people were shot this weekend through Monday night in the ‘Windy City.’  It is clear that there is not law and order in Chicago, and something needs to change.  This is a great city for those who are trying to help black Americans who are victims of violence to start their noble crusade.

It is high time that justice returns to Chicago, the people of the city deserve better.  If local on local violence is this bad now, just imagine what would happen if they really did defund the police … the people who would suffer most are the innocent, honest, and  helpless (due to Chicago gun laws) poor of the city, who happen to be … overwhelmingly black.  But we are not allowed to talk about that, now are we?