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Remember The Young Woman Who Died While ‘Awaiting Coronavirus Test Results?’ Turns Out She Did Not Have The Virus

Opinion| In these mentally, and for many, physically challenging times, the last thing the American public needs is false hysteria.

Yes, we are an opinion blog and we can be very critical of our friends on the left.  However, right now we are all fighting against the same weapon, a virus.

Some have tried to use the outbreak as a political weapon and that is not OK, regardless of the side it comes from.

That being said, when someone loses a loved one suddenly we all can relate to the roller coaster of emotions they must be going through.  They may want to lash out at the President if they buy into the media’s lies that Trump is satan incarnate.

Heavy reported: ‘Natasha Ott: New Orleans Social Worker Dies Awaiting Coronavirus Test Results’

‘New Orleans woman tested for the COVID-19 coronavirus, but died before she received her test results.  On March 10, 39-year-old Natasha Ott showed symptoms of a cold, and less than two weeks later, her partner Justin Anderson found her dead in her kitchen. Anderson posted to Facebook and recounted the timeline of events, from Ott feeling the symptoms of a cold, to her being found unresponsive in her kitchen.’

On March 10, Ott told Anderson that she had a “tiny fever” and a respiratory cold. Ott, who worked at Crescent Care as a social worker, didn’t get tested for the coronavirus as she was determined to be low-risk. However, Ott got tested for COVID-19 on March 16 as her symptoms did not subside. Ott was told that it would take up to five days to receive the results of the test.

A few days later, on Thursday, March 19, Ott told Anderson she felt like she had “something” in her lungs. She also said that her test results were going to be delayed until Monday.

The next day, Anderson went over to Ott’s house around 8 p.m. as she wasn’t answering his phone calls or messages — he found her dead in her kitchen. According to Anderson, Ott’s test results have still not come back.

Anderson finished his FB post by saying, “Our government is ill-prepared for this pandemic in a way that has and will cost lives. Cherish your loved ones like you could lose them, and let them know you cherish them”’

Most MSM articles on the tragic passing of this young woman did not say that she had died of COVID-19, but the headline and inclusion of the Facebook post, in my view, implied the virus was the cause of death.

However, this poor woman’s test has now come back and it turns out that her tragic death was not due to the Coronavirus.

The Sun Herald reported:

A second coronavirus test came back with negative results for a 39-year-old woman who was found dead on her kitchen floor last week while she was still awaiting the results of an earlier test for the virus, the Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office said Friday.

The exact reason the woman, Natasha Ott, died remains under investigation by the Coroner’s Office, spokesman Jason Melancon said. Such investigations can take several weeks to complete.

Ott’s death drew public notice when her boyfriend, Josh Anderson, wrote in a widely shared social media post that he had found her dead March 20 in her kitchen. Anderson recounted that an ailing Ott, after testing negative for the flu, had been tested for COVID-19 — the potentially deadly respiratory disease caused by the virus — but died before getting the results back.

But after her death, the first test result came back and showed that coronavirus “was not detected,” Ott’s sister, Emily Coalson Stamets, wrote Thursday on Facebook.

Stamets said the doctor who tested Ott “was incredulous” and immediately asked the commercial testing company LabCorp to retest Ott’s specimen. Stamets said the Coroner’s Office also sent in a specimen from Ott to be tested at a local university that Stamets did not identify.

Those results were in by Wednesday and again indicated that no coronavirus was detected, Stamets said.

Stamets’ post Thursday said Ott had complained of fever, muscle aches, fatigue, and feeling like “something was in (her) lungs,” in the days before her death. Such symptoms are associated with COVID-19, which is disproportionately lethal to the elderly but has killed people of almost all age groups.

“She had no pre-existing conditions that would have caused these symptoms or sudden death,” Stamets wrote.

Read the full story at

It will be interesting to see how many of the outlets that ran the original story follow up now that we know the COD was not Corona.

Any time a young person dies it is tragic.  We hope that her family finds peace and that this virus that found it’s was from communist China to our shores is soon just a distant memory.

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