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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Is The Laughing Stock Of America, Yet Again, After Her Latest Conspiracy Theory Blows Up In Her Face As The USNS Comfort Arrives In NYC

Opinion|  Rachel Maddow sure has one stellar track record when it comes to conspiracy theories.

Her most recent attempt to scare the preverbal crap out of Americans in order to whip up fear and panic as a weapon against the Trump administration, has fallen on it’s face.

However, to understand why this is important, we need to understand how we got here.

Maddow surged to the top of the ratings in the past by being one of the loudest, most confident, purveyors of the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax.

Ms. Maddow had millions of viewers convinced that Vladimir Putin had President Trump under his control and that an obscure Russian troll farm, who allegedly spent $100,000 on ‘divisive’ Facebook ads, was the reason that President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Forbes reported on her rise and fall back in July of last year:

‘It’s been more than a year since MSNBC’s star host Rachel Maddow beat Fox News Channel’s top-rated host Sean Hannity to take the title most-watched host in all of cable news. At the time, March 2018, The Rachel Maddow Show finished in first place with an average total audience of 3.058 million viewers—the show’s best-ever performance in the 9 p.m. ET hour. MSNBC’s ratings had been climbing, up 30% in the first quarter of 2018, while ratings for FNC and CNN were down.

Over the next six months, Fox News pushed Maddow out of first place, but there seemed to be a refreshed competition between the two prime-time hosts, perhaps suggesting a day when MSNBC might topple the epic run of Fox News as the most powerful ratings force in cable news.

But ratings data released Tuesday by Nielsen show MSNBC’s surge has slowed, with Maddow slipping into fifth place overall with a total audience of 2.487 million viewers, behind Hannity (3.332 million), Tucker Carlson Tonight (3.145 million), The Ingraham Angle (2.591 million) and The Five (2.503 million). The five top cable news shows finished in the same order among viewers 25-54, the demographic group most valued by advertisers, with Hannity drawing a total audience of 527,000 viewers, and Maddow well behind with 384,000.’

So what changed?

Well, in April ‘Mueller’, aka the 12 angry democrats, released their report which showed no collusion between Trump and Russia.

Without the fear of a Russian controlled President of the United States, and her credibility shot, Maddow needed a new schtick to rally her base against Trump.

The recent Pandemic seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

In what can only be described as rabid fear mongering and an effort to crush the hope that President Trump, and others, have been trying to restore in the American people, Rachel insisted that the cavalry was NOT coming.

On her show which aired on the 20th of March, Maddow stated:

In terms of the happy talk we`ve had on this front from the federal  government, there is no sign that the Navy hospital ships that the  president made such a big deal of, the Comfort and the Mercy, there`s no sign that they`ll be anywhere on-site helping out anywhere in the country  for weeks yet.

The president said when he announced that those ships would  be put into action against the COVID-19 epidemic. He said one of those  ships would be operational in New York harbor by next week. That`s nonsense.

It will not be there next week. ‘

Here we are 10 days later and …

What do you know, the Comfort is pulling into New York harbor … 10 days after Maddow’s statement that ‘there`s no sign that they`ll be anywhere on-site helping out anywhere in the country  for weeks yet.’

Politico reported:

‘The USNS Comfort arrived in New York on Monday, bringing a massive Navy hospital ship to help relieve city hospitals overwhelmed by coronavirus patients.

The 1,000-bed floating hospital docked Monday at Pier 90 on Manhattan’s West Side, and is set to begin treating patients Tuesday.

“Our nation has heard our plea for help here in New York City,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said as he greeted the ship at Pier 90. “There could not be a better example of all of America pulling for New York City than the arrival of the USNS Comfort.”

The ship, emblazoned with red crosses on its white hull, will not treat coronavirus patients, but will take on other patients including trauma cases, freeing up beds at local hospitals focused on combating the pandemic. It will have 750 beds ready to treat patients immediately.

The Comfort is staffed by 1,200 medical personnel and equipped with operating rooms, a medical laboratory, a pharmacy, digital radiology, a CAT scan, two oxygen-producing plants and a helicopter deck.

“We needed this boost. We needed this hope,” de Blasio said, calling it a “beacon of hope” to see the ship entering city waters and “coming here to save the lives of New Yorkers in our hour of need.”’

Even Trump loathing, Mayor de Blasio, used the moment to try and unify America.

You would think that Maddow could stop the political conspiracy theories for long enough to help the nation heal, but I guess not.

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