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Disgusting Millennial Trend Is Cheering The Death Of Their Grandparents, Calling Wuhan Virus The ‘Boomer Remover’ [Flashback]


Disgusting Millennial Trend Is Cheering The Death Of Their Grandparents, Calling Wuhan Virus The ‘Boomer Remover’ [Flashback]

Opinion| 3/20| Remember this?  Well, expect it to make a come back now that the media is starting to talk about the … you know what, more often again…

Where exactly did our society go so wrong?

Kids in their 20’s and younger seem to have become so detached from reality, lacking basic compassion, understanding of personal responsibility, never mind economics, and work ethic, that I truly fear for the world my children will grow up in.

If social media is any indication, the up and coming generation would seemingly cheer on death camps in this country if they were to financially gain from the mass slaughter.

These kids have no appreciation for the sacrifices of the generations who came before them, they seem to think they are entitled to everything and need to work for nothing.

Does it ever cross their minds that if all the producers in society were to perish there would be no money to send the government to steal and redistribute to them?

Take a look at just how sick these kids are, as they are now calling the Chinese Coronavirus, the ‘Boomer Remover’.

Via The Gateway Pundit:

‘Many of these clueless and naive kids are, to no one’s shock, far left Bernie supporters. Here are just a handful of screencaps from Twitter:

MRC ponders if this violates Twitter’s policy of “hateful conduct”. But seeing as how it’s crazed leftists peddling the term, Twitter won’t remove any of it and is instead promoting the hateful hashtag.’ The Gateway Pundit added.

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