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Democratic Strategist Exposes Biden’s Biggest ‘Secret’, Admits To His Collapsing Mental Health: ‘Clearly Not All There’ (VIDEO)


Democratic Strategist Exposes Biden’s Biggest ‘Secret’, Admits To His Collapsing Mental Health: ‘Clearly Not All There’ (VIDEO)

OPINION| There are few things in this world that expose the media for the lying, political activist hacks, they really are than the lack of coverage of the fact that Joe Biden is clearly not all there mentally.

We are living in dangerous times when there are now two sets of rules & two sets of laws, one for conservatives or anyone challenging the left, and another for Democrats.

If any Republican was facing the allegations that Ilhan Omar is they would already have been indicted and framed for even more crimes by the FBI.

If a Republican Senator had threatened the radial leftist members of the United States Supreme Court the way that Chucky Schumer did this week, they would of already been forced the resign.

The media would be running non stop coverage, condemning the statements and telling us the Republicans rhetoric is dangerous and reminiscent of ‘Nazi Germany’.

Remember when the hacks in the MSM and Democrat Party were campaigning for a 25th Amendment coup to be carried out against President Trump?

Despite no evidence of cognitive decline, it was fair game to try and gaslight the American people into thinking that Trump was suffering from mental illness, all so they could over turn the results of the 2016 election.

So, why do I think there is a double standard?

Tweets like this from a CNN ‘analyst’ (read: gas-lighter):

The fact that the Dems still think they can play the ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ card is very telling about just how out of touch and desperate they are right now.

The fact that the verified liberals on Twitter still repeat it shows us just what we are up against in our quest to restore sanity to this country.  Needless to say, the odds are long.

Breitbart reports

Democrat Strategist Justin Horwitz: Joe Biden Is ‘Mentally Deteriorating’

Democrat strategist and backer of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Justin Horwitz said during a Thursday appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight that Joe Biden (D) is “mentally deteriorating” and that it will be a “disaster” if the Democrat establishment’s purported efforts to “shield” the former vice president prevail, leading to a head to head matchup with President Trump.

Horwitz, an outspoken Sanders supporter, spoke with Tucker Carlson Thursday night and discussed the Democrat establishment’s purported efforts to “shield” a “mentally deteriorating” Biden from the public.

“He is a candidate that is mentally deteriorating. People in the Democratic establishment say, ‘Oh don’t say that.’ They really believe that they can shield Joe Biden from public scrutiny and the reality is, they can’t,” he said.

“We all see what’s going on here and it’s going to be a disaster if we nominate Joe Biden,” he added.

Watch the video below:

Joe Biden is a threat to national security, the man does not even remember what office he is running for FFS.  Trump is licking his chops right now, but I don’t think he should get too cocky.  I have a feeling that, come convention time, the Dems will roll out a new savior … maybe Michelle Obama, or someone who ticks all the right boxes and has not been subject to 30 years or more of gaffes and dementia …

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