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“You Are Fake News!” CNN Essentially Admits Reporting Fake News By Way Of Settling Defamation Suit With High Schooler Nicholas Sandmann


“You Are Fake News!” CNN Essentially Admits Reporting Fake News By Way Of Settling Defamation Suit With High Schooler Nicholas Sandmann

OPINION| Lawrence David| As word came that CNN had settled the defamation lawsuit brought against it by high school student Nicholas Sandmann, the network essentially admitted it had engaged in promoting propaganda… 

New York (CNN Business) CNN has settled a lawsuit with a Kentucky high school student who was at the center of a viral video controversy, a spokesperson for the news network confirmed Tuesday.

“Viral”?  That’s sweet considering CNN, and other left wing organizations that purport to report the news, promoted the heavily doctored video as factual and ran it endlessly making sure it went viral.

No other details were immediately available. An attorney for the student, Nicholas Sandmann, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Sandmann only tweeted, “Yes, we settled with CNN.”

The news was first reported by WXIX-TV. The local outlet said a settlement figure was not made public at a court hearing in Covington, Kentucky.

The settlement will allow CNN to avoid a lengthy and potentially unpredictable trial. Sandmann sought $275 million in damages in the lawsuit he filed against CNN last March.

Wow!!!  Just wow… This is not a good look for an organization that promotes itself as a stalwart of reportorial honesty at the same time it attacks our president every minute of every day.

And no, it won’t “allow CNN to avoid a lengthy and potentially unpredictable trial.”  It will allow CNN to avoid a totally predictable trial that would have exposed the editorial decision-making that went into smearing a group of H.S. students prior to properly vetting the video. 

Sandmann, a student at Covington Catholic High School, became a national news story when he was in Washington on January 18, 2019, for the annual March for Life rally.

That’s one way of saying it.  Another would be that CNN made Sandmann a national news story with their (deliberately?) false reporting.

In a video that gained national attention, Sandmann was in an encounter with Omaha tribe elder Nathan Phillips, who was beating a hand-held drum and singing at the Indigenous Peoples March at the Lincoln Memorial on the same day.

Fact: “Tribal elder” Nathan Phillips instigated the encounter when he approached Sandmann – who was wearing a Make America Great Again hat – and began banging a drum and chanting in his face.

Then came the excuse…

Another video that surfaced days later provided additional context for the encounter, but the first video had gone viral, touching off widespread controversy as photos of the teenager and the red Make America Great Again hat he was wearing spread across social media.

You didn’t miss the parting shot, did you? “the teenager and the red Make America Great Again hat he was wearing.”  

WTF does his MAGA hat have to do with this story?  Unless the reference was inserted to justify their irresponsible reporting to its dwindling audience who would understand how that triggered their biased reporting.

Sorry CNN, but when you claim to be a credible news organization, you don’t get to rely on radically edited videos from far-left activists and lay a fake narrative over it.

Phillips reportedly was besieged by chants of “build the wall” while claiming to have served in Vietnam.  According to a report on both were lies used to bolster the impact of the false reporting.

Attorney Lin Wood represented Sandmann whose lawsuit was bolstered after an independent investigation, conducted by The report by Greater Cincinnati Investigation, Inc. confirmed that the Covington Catholic HS teens had been honest in their statements about the confrontation.

CNN’s claims that the pro-life teens initiated the confrontation and hurled racial slurs against Native American Nathan Phillips and the Black Hebrew Israelites group were admittedly false, so says CNN.

Will Facebook give CNN a reach crushing strike for publishing fake news like they’ve done numerous times to us?  Our reporting was eventually proven to be true but the revenue we lost was never returned. We are living in truly Orwellian times…

“You are fake news”

Note: You can say that a settlement is not an admission of guilt, but in our opinion … why settle if you are not guilty?  This is not the federal government they were fighting, it was a civil suit. In fairness, their was no admission of guilt, or none made public, in the settlement announcement.  It is our opinion, that this is tantamount to a confession that CNN published fake news about the Covington High School student.

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