Opinion| Mark Sidney|  I want to start this piece off by stating, very clearly, that I do not believe that ‘Muslims’, as a whole are bad, a problem, evil, or anything along those lines.

The Muslims that I know personally are all assimilated to Western Culture and some of the nicest, most loyal people I have ever met.

However, just like with any other group of people, those who seek power, and desire to tell others what to do, the ‘power hungry’, are usually not the kind of people that we would want to be making the rules.

This concern becomes even more serious when the group that is talking about their plans to take over the power structure allegedly has ties to terrorism, or terror related groups.

And, it is not just Pam Geller who is suggesting this or reporting on it, it’s the National Review, and they are asking “Is CAIR a Terror Group?”

Their answer to the issue may be even more troubling:

“A prominent Arab government thinks so.

We who follow the Islamist movement fell off our collective chair on November 15, when the news came that the United Arab Emirates’ ministerial cabinet had listed the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) as one of 83 proscribed terrorist organizations, up there with the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS.”

This is the National Review, mind you, not ‘The Daily Stormer’ or some “radical, fringe site.”

The UAE is one of the few governments in the Middle East that is relatively ‘Westernized’ and they are sounding the alarm about a group of fellow Muslims, I think we should at least listen and investigate. Don’t you?

I know everyone asks ‘where are the moderate Muslims sounding the alarm about the radical elements among them?”  Well, it seems they are in the UAE, for one.

The Gateway Pundit reported on CAIR’s comments about getting Muslims elected to our Federal government:

““A strong CAIR equals a strong community. A strong community will produce a strong and confident and successful Muslim … “So I’m telling you tonight we are going to work in the next years, inshallah (God willing], to elect at least 30 Muslims in the Congress. This number is equivalent to our size and our potential as American Muslims. Including at least two [U.S.] senator Muslims.”

In January of 2019, Muslim Congressman Andre Carson (D-IN) envisioned a future of 30-35 Muslim members in Congress by 2030, who will be elected to powerful posts such as committee chairs, Speaker of the House and even President of the United States.

We’ve got firepower in Congress. We’ve got sister Rashida [Tlaib] in the House, and she’s tough.”

Although Carson said that it was important to have three Muslims in Congress so far, it’s not enough — he wants more Muslims in power.

“In 2030 we may have about 30, 35 Muslims in Congress,” Carson said.

Then we’re talking about Madame Chair Rashida. We’re talking about Madame Chair Ilhan,” Carson continued.

Recall, back in 1998, CAIR’s Chairman Omar Ahmad said, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.””

Now, I want to be clear here: I do not think that because someone says they are a Muslim and they run for Congress, or get into Congress, it is a bad thing, or that they are ‘evil’ or of nefarious intent.

What I am concerned about is the fact that a group, CAIR, which has been declared a ‘terrorist organization’ by a moderate Muslim state (UAE), is the one who seems to be placing these people into our government.

I think the best solution is to work to make America, and our culture, so far superior and more appealing to any other that everyone wants to assimilate.

What do you think?

Mark Siidney

Father, Husband, Son. Mark is just a regular guy from a blue color family who writes opinion articles. Mark has Economics & Political Science degrees from Rutgers University.

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