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Ilhan Omar Stumps For Bernie, Craps On America, Says She’s “Excited” to “Fight Against Western Imperialism”

Opinion| Mark Sidney| ICYMI … When you read this think about the new Project Veritas videos and what that Bernie organizer wants to do to you and I …

Due to the radical left’s insistence that any criticism of a person who happens to be part of a protected class (read:not white males), is somehow xenophobic, racist, sexist or whatever other smear the speech police think they can make stick, I have largely stayed away from topics like this.

I know it is cowardly in a sense, but Facebook already seem to have it out for me, the last thing I want to do it touch the ‘3rd rail’ as it’s called.

However, sometimes things happen that I just can not ignore.  Let me first start by saying I have nothing against Muslim Americans, or Muslims around the world.

What I do have a problem with is those who seek to kill us and our culture.  These two concepts and the average Muslim, are completely independent of one another, when they overlap it is happen stance and not correlation, IMHO.

Here is an unpopular opinion, I think it’s great that there are people in Congress representing the Muslim Americans in our country.  That being said, I also think Omar, Tlaib, and Ellison are doing their fellow Muslims no favors by behaving the way they have.  Especially Omar and Tlaib, their open contempt for America seems to shine though daily, IMHO.

looking for an example?

Well, Democratic Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar gave what seemed to be a full-on battle cry against President Donald Trump and our Capitalist system, during an endorsement for presidential representative Bernie Sanders in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Wednesday evening.

Omar stated that we need a “mass movement of the working class” in order to take Trump out of the White House and put an end to what Omar called “Western imperialism.” The crowd buzzed with chants of “Lock him up!” and various comments in support of the Green New Deal.

“I am excited for President Bernie Sanders!” Omar summarized as loud rock music filled the University of Minnesota venue.

Neither Sanders nor Omar try to stop the chanting, although it could be heard over their speeches.

It was predicted by John Harwood of CNBN last year that “any serious Democratic candidate will make a point of shutting down” these kinds of chants aimed at the POTUS.

According to Fox News, “Omar’s endorsement was a break from the rest of the state’s delegation of Democrats, which endorsed Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s more moderate campaign. It also constituted a youthful shot in the arm for Sanders’ left-wing presidential bid, which has remained competitive with Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren’s campaigns.

Omar said to the audience filled with residents from her home state. “Here in Minnesota, we don’t just welcome refugees — we sent them to Congress. Right now, achieving that universal dream feels more out of reach than it ever has in my lifetime.” said the Somali refugee turned United States Congresswoman,

While she didn’t say President Trump’s name directly, she did say that “The current occupant of the White House likes to talk about making America great. But, every action, and virtually every word out of his mouth, is an attack on the very values and ideals that make this country a beacon of hope for me and the people around the world.”

Take a look at the full video below:

Omar also claimed, incorrectly, that Trump said that neo-Nazis were “very fine people.” The comment Omar was referring to was taken out of context in my view.  What Trump was alluding to after Charlottesville were the free speech advocates who were also disgusted by the White Nationalists, and he was condemning the ‘Antifa’ who were also antagonistic, bad actors, at the deadly march.

“These are values that have been enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for decades,” Omar insisted, speaking of the United Nations document. “But, here is the cold truth: We can’t achieve any of these goals if we don’t build a movement that is representative of all of our aspirations, all of our pain, and all of our shared trauma,” she continued.

Omar said of Sanders, “I am proud to stand with the son of a Jewish refugee who survived genocide. The acknowledgment of pain and suffering is personal for both of us. The fight for human rights is undeniable. And when we recognize injustices of the past and present, whether it is genocide against Jewish people, Armenians or Rwandans or Bosnians or Native Americans or more.”

Omar’s distant for what America was, what our founding ideal are, shines through on the daily.  I am all for legal immigration, I think it is the people who know oppression and are hungry for opportunity that help make America great.  What we must guard against is importing people who are determined to bring the same failed ideologies which they are fleeing, with them.  I fear omar is in the later crowd.

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