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Papadopoulos Warns Clapper on Upcoming Revelations: “His Perjury Is Going to Come Back”

Opinion| Mark Sidney| ICYMI|  George Papadopoulos is back with a vengeance.

After a short term in federal prison, and sometime in what is called “supervised release,” for “making false statements to FBI agents,” George has seemingly decided to ‘pull a Trump,’ and counterpunch the people who he says set him up … with a Buick, as Joe Dan Gorman likes to say.

Papadopoulos has been foreshadowing what is to come next in the Spyg*te investigation for some time now.  He has become a leading source for the next ‘puzzle piece’ for those of us trying to wrap our heads around exactly how this scandal went down.

Last week Mr. P spoke to Martha McCallum of Fox News to discuss the latest developments in, Attorney General, William Barr & his right hand man in these matters, US Attorney, John Durham’s, investigation into the alleged abuses by the intelligence community leading up to, and likely following, the 2016 election.

“We now have growing evidence that the UK and Australia were overtly and actively working with the CIA at the highest levels to spy on the Trump campaign. William Barr and John Durham are not on a wild goose chase… These countries were willfully complicit in what I believe was an international conspiracy to undermine the Donald Trump campaign and assure that if he was elected president that he would be handcuffed.”

The Gateway Pundit reported: “On Monday George Papadopoulos posted a warning to James Clapper. Papadopoulos warned the former DNI, “His perjury is going to come back.”

Clapper previously said in November 2017 that he was not aware that a foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, George Papadopoulos, was told about the Russian “dirt” on Clinton last April and had been trying for months to arrange a meeting between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Soon all of the lies will be exposed.

George Papadopoulos warned Clapper early Monday.”

You can watch the full clip below:

Looks like time may be running out for those who, we believe plotted to, in essence, fix the 2016 election and when their scheme failed, seem to have moved to undo the election results via, what we are convinced amounted to, a coup d’etat against the sitting President of the United States of America.

I have been wrong before, and I am sure I will be wrong again, however, there is one thing that I do know … it is going to be one hell of an election cycle come 2020!

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