Mark Sidney’s Opinion, Analysis and Speculation: I would bet you dollars to donuts that you will not see this on MSNBC.

If you recall, I wrote a piece yesterday which featured this clip from MSNBC where the anchor suggests President Trump’s claim that there is evidence that Biden and his son were involved in wrongdoing is complete and total hoax:

“MSNBC’s Anchor reported, with a straight face, that “President Trump had repeatedly suggested without evidence that Joe Biden used his VP position to pressure Ukraine to fire the country’s top prosecutor,” Velshi reported. (Emphasis added by me.)

Interestingly the MSNBC host mentions that Ukraine was looking into ‘corruption’, what he left out was the reports that that prosecutor was allegedly looking into, among other things, Hunter Biden, at the very least tangentially via an investigation in Burisma Holdings.  Hunter is Joe’s son.”

Shockingly … lol, the post saw it’s distribution crushed by Facebook:

I guess exposing the non truths of the corporate media, or at least my perception that they are not being candid, is violative of FB’s policies as I am a mere American citizen and not a globalist multinational mega corporation.  But I digress.

Today we have a little more ‘evidence.’   How about testimony from the fired prosecutor himself?  Would that be relevant?

WND is reporting, keep in mind this piece contains some opinion too:

‘I was leading a wide-ranging corruption probe into Burisma, and Joe Biden’s son’

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