Editorial Opinion of EP – When Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz made a criminal referral against former FBI Director James Comey, and United States Attorney General William Barr deferred prosecution, it became more than plausible that Barr had more damning and serious evidence in Comey’s file that he was waiting to move forward until the right time.

Keep in mind there, we are convinced, and believe we have well laid out the case in the preceding year that, a deep and wide-ranging criminal conspiracy to destroy and remove President Trump and Comey’s prosecution will be only a small sliver of those who will be held accountable if Trump’s promise to drain the swamp is to become a reality.

Building a case that broad, and establishing that a conspiracy was in play, would take a lot of time. 

Racketeering (RICO) investigations can take a decade or more.

Today, U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom and seemed to confirm our earlier suspicions:

Comey is the only appointed FBI Director ever to be referred for criminal prosecution and according to Rep. Meadows his problems are just starting.

Meadows was specifically referring to evidence that Comey’s testimony during House testimony wasn’t consistent with what the IG reported he was told by the disgraced former FBI director.  

Those inconsistencies were documented and sent to the IG for further investigation.

Meadows: “We’ve identified multiple occasions where that [inconsistencies] happened…

… Listen, James Comey’s problems are just starting.”

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