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Ocasio-Cortez Goes Bat S*** Crazy: Pass My Green New Deal Or Miami Will Not Exists In A Few Years Time [Opinion]


Ocasio-Cortez Goes Bat S*** Crazy: Pass My Green New Deal Or Miami Will Not Exists In A Few Years Time [Opinion]

Just A little Good Ol’ fashioned Opinion, Speculation and Analysis  – Democratic New York freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made it a habit of making ridiculous, over the top, claims, and this week was no different when she predicted that the city of Miami, Florida could be gone within “a few years.” The implied assumption, that I took away from the statement seemed to be that Miami could be saved if we only passed her Green New Deal, and essentially turn the economy over to the left.

The self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, pushing her Green New Deal during an NAACP forum on Wednesday, answered critics of her proposal who called it “not realistic.”

AOC stated, “What is not realistic is not responding to the crisis — not responding with a solution on the scale of the crisis. Because what’s not realistic is Miami not existing in a few years. That’s not realistic. So, we need to be realistic about the problem.”

In an August video, the freshman congresswoman stated that “the alternative to large-scale solutions was large amounts of people dying from climate change’s impacts,” Fox News reiterates.

“We need to start getting comfortable with how extreme the problem is,” AOC said, “because only until we accept … how bad climate change is and how bad it can be for our children’s lives, are we going to be comfortable pursuing really big solutions.”

The New York Representative was mocked in the past by Republicans after she suggested that the planet may only support life for another 12 years, citing climate change as the reason.

AOC shot back at critics, claiming that her comment had been made in “sarcasm,” and poked at them for not picking up on it.

According to Fox News, AOC “has also called for a ban on single-use plastic and predicted that melting glaciers could release ancient diseases with unknown effects on humans.”

More on AOC’s Green New Deal from the Washington Examiner:

The freshman lawmaker rolled out the proposal in February, which was widely criticized for an FAQ section that advocated for ending air travel and meat production. Ocasio-Cortez said the section was not meant to be published and blamed a staffer who “had a really bad day at work.”

In July, then-Ocasio-Cortez chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti revealed that the Green New Dealwas not “originally a climate thing at all … we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

Chakrabarti, 33, said the Green New Deal was about changing the economy to make it more equitable.

“I think … it’s dual. It is both rising to the challenge that is existential around climate and it is building an economy that contains more prosperity,” he said. “More sustainability in that prosperity — and more broadly shared prosperity, equitability, and justice throughout.”

Take a look:


It’s hard not to love this woman.  God himself could not do as better job pushing people to vote for Trump (sarcasm.)  What the Dems fail to understand is that the more they get triggered by Trump, the more America sees through their BS as they run left so fast they near fall off the planet … or what’s left of it according to AOC.

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