Just Some Opinions From Our Writer’s Reporting On A Story That Breitbart Broke Before The Dem Debate, Includes Some Speculation and Analysis Too|

Democratic Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has continually claimed to be Native American, (and released a DNA test showing herself to be around 1/32 Native American, according to an article by The Atlantic)  apparently had a great-great-great grandfather who served in Major William Lauderdale’s Battalion of Tennessee Volunteer Militia beginning in November 1837 and ended his service in May 1838. During this period, they took part in two battles with the Seminoles.

Breitbart News reports:

Today, there are two federally recognized Native American Seminole tribes, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which has 4,000 enrolled members, and the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, which has more than 18,000 enrolled members.

Lauderdale’s battalion fought against the Seminoles at the Battle of Loxahatchee River, in present-day Jupiter, Florida, on January 24, 1838. Then on March 22, 1838, they fought against the Seminoles again at the Battle of Pine Island, in present-day Fort Lauderdale.

According to Breitbart, there is evidence to support the notion that “Jonathan Crawford’s service under Lauderdale in Florida was brought by his widow, Neoma O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford, also known as Neona Crawford, to the Bledsoe County Commission of Bledsoe County, Tennessee in 1850 and 1851, when she applied for a pension from the U.S. government for her husband’s service during the 1837-1838 Second Seminole War.”

As I type Elizabeth Warren is taking part in a debate in Houston, Texas, during which ten candidates in the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee pool will take the stage.

ABC and Univision will host the event, which will be moderated by George Stephanopoulos, David Muir, and Linsey Davis of ABC, joined by Univision’s Jorge Ramos.

Breitbart explains, “In the first two debates among candidates vying for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, hosted by CNN and MSNBC, Warren faced no questions about her false claims of Native American ancestry. Neoma O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford is Sen. Warren’s great-great-great-grandmother. She and Jonathan Crawford were parents of Sen. Warren’s great-great-grandfather Preston H.Crawford. In that time period, widows of soldiers who served the United States in the Tennessee Militia began their request for pensions at the county level. William Brown, the chairman of the Bledsoe County Court in 1851, offered these observations about Neoma O.C. Sarah Smith Crawford’s request for a pension when it was brought to his attention.”

From an entry from Sequatchie Valley Revolutionary War Soldiers:

Wm. Brown, Chmn of County Court, requests increase in Sibby Reed’s pension; mentions Thomas Pope of Sparta; and on October 12, 1851 writes that JONATHAN CRAWFORD was a Private in Capt. Richard Waterhouse’s Company in the “Florida War” and died shortly after his return, from disease contracted there. Is not his widow entitled to a pension?

Crawford is allegedly the same  family member of the Massachusetts Democrat who served in the Tennessee Militia, which targeted Cherokees during the start of the Trail of Tears.

“Crawford was among 600 Tennesseans who volunteered to serve in the battalion recruited by William Lauderdale to fight against the Seminoles in Florida,” reports Breitbart.

Via Breitbart:

Jonathan Crawford may not have been the only ancestor of Elizabeth Warren who either rounded up or fought Native Americans.

Last month Rebecca Nagle, a Native American progressive activist who has been critical of Sen. Warren’s false claims of Native American ancestry and the professional benefit she obtained from making those claims, stated that William Marsh, another great-great-grandfather of Warren, also served in the Tennessee Militia that rounded up Cherokees in 1836.

William Marsh’ s daughter, Edith May Marsh, married Jonathan Crawford’s son, Preston H. Crawford. John Houston Crawford, Elizabeth Warren’s great-grandfather, was their son.

If this proves to be true it could be a proverbial arrow to the knee for the Senator from Massachusetts.  If Warren contradicts these statements with data we will update this article, keep in mind, these are Breitbart’s contentions, not ours.

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