Facebook Killed Our Reach By 90% or so yesterday so we need some extra help spreading the word.  For instance, maybe you can help us spread this piece of Speculation, Analysis and OPINION from an Illicit Info Staff Writer| It has been reported that a leading American fast food restaurant chain is planning on changing the names of their menu items in order to stop offending Muslims.

Recall that the United States House of Representatives altered standard dress code to accommodate the Muslim community, so according to WND, “it’s clear that the demands of members of that religion are influential.”

WND reports, “What used to be known as the ‘Double Spicy Hamburger’ will now be a ‘Double Spicy Burger.’ The ‘Triple Hamburger with Cheese’ becomes the ‘Triple Burger with Cheese,’ and a ‘Hamburger King Jr’ on the kids menu will now be just a ‘Kids Burger,’ the report said.

A statement was released by the fast food chain, whose worldwide headquarters are located in Miami, Florida, which explained that the menu changes were intended to make their offerings “more respectful of Muslim customers.”

The first Burger King restaurant in South Africa opened in 2013, making the corporation fairly new to South Africa.

It was noted by Business Insider that a hamburger, which is comprised of ground beef, doesn’t actually contain pork. “Ham” is in the name, because it is a part of the name of the German city of Hamburg, which is where historians have stated that hamburgers were originally coined.

WND reports:

Juan Klopper, the COO of the chain in South Africa, said its outlets had been certified halal, or compliant with Islamic law, even though its product names included “ham.”

But the company also said its sites are losing that certification, since some sandwiches are being redesigned to include bacon, based on popular demand.

Jihad Watch asked: “What other religious community gets this kind of consideration?”

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