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Breaking Harvard-Harris Poll Has Nadler, Pelosi, Schumer AOC & Co Dumbstruck, Trump Laughing All The Way To 4 More Years [Opinion]

How About A Little Speculation, Some Analysis And A Bunch Of OPINION From The One, The Only, Elder Patriot – When push comes to shove, voters will be forced to decide between President Trump’s exceptionally productive four years that has yielded outstanding economic results for America workers that has spawned the rebirth of the middle class, and obstructionist Democrats who voted against every one of his initiatives and to protect non citizens at the expense of their actual Americans.

Voters will have to decide whether Democrat/Globalist/Media efforts to disparage President Trump as a bigoted hater actually have any merit, or whether it has been a last desperate effort to take down a president who actually delivered on a pro-U.S. agenda.

Then there’s also the small matter of issues that the forces aligned against Trump are hoping you’ll ignore because you’re consumed by so much hatred of the president that you’ll vote against your own best interests as well as the interests of your children.

A new poll from Harvard/Harris Poll finds that American voters favor Trump confronting China on trade, no matter the short-term economic costs.

Sixty-seven (67%, more than 2/3) percent of voters said it is “necessary” for the U.S. to confront China on trade, while only 33 percent said it is “unnecessary.”

Only Donald Trump had the brass to take on China via trade now, before they are ready to battle us militarily, something he promised voters he would do, if elected, during his campaign.  

The big money opposing President Trump – the multinational corporations, international bankers, Wall Street, the Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, et al, have already thrown everything they have against Trump and, as this poll shows, he has survived, profoundly well.    

I see this as further proof that the Globalist cabal has been boxed in on trade comes elsewhere in the poll.  

Eight-in-ten voters said the trade issues with China must be fixed now and not be put off. This includes 82 percent of swing voters who said they want U.S.-China trade issues resolved.

Candidate Trump was the lone voice trashing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 2016.  Since NAFTA was signed, and China was admitted to the World Trade Organization (WTO), nearly five million American manufacturing jobs and 50,000 manufacturing facilities have been lost.

This mass elimination of working and middle-class jobs due to free trade has coincided with a nearly 600 percent increase in trade deficits.

These are numbers large enough to have touched (hurt) nearly every American in one way or another.  That makes Donald Trump the right man for this time.

The same poll finds that increasing illegal or legal immigration to the United States is almost as unpopular as confronting China is popular.

When all U.S. voters were asked which position would make them the most unlikely to vote for a 2020 presidential candidate, sixty-four (64%)  percent responded that “opening our borders to many more immigrants” was most unacceptable.

Sixty-six (66%) percent of respondents said they would be unlikely to vote for a 2020 presidential candidate who favors increased immigration – whether illegal or legal.

Hispanic and black voters made increased immigration the second most unpopular position behind… wait for it… raising taxes for social programs.  Well, there goes that narrative!  

The sounds you just heard were the popping heads of Democratic strategists.

We said it in 2016, and we believe it to be even more true for 2020, you won’t win elections campaigning on hate.

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