Opinion|  While I sit here and write this article Roger Stone is facing spending the rest of his life in prison.  His crime?  Helping Donald Trump get elected.

The terrorist left will tell you Roger Stone had some role in the releasing of Podesta’s emails, but how can anyone trust the same people who brought us the Russian Collusion Coup lies?

According to Fox News Roger “has been charged by Special Counsel Robert Mueller with witness tampering, obstruction and making false statements.” This is just another offshoot of that failed coup.

In trying to lock Stone up for the remainder of his life, the establishment is trying to signal to everyone that if they support a populist president they will be hunted down and locked away.

Roger Stone has refused to lie about President Trump to save his own ass, and for this his entire future is at risk.   America has officially become a 3rd world shithole as far as ‘justice’ is concerned.

Fox News is reporting: “Longtime Trump associate Roger Stone reportedly called for former CIA Director John Brennan to be “hung for treason” in a now-deleted social media message posted Saturday night.

Stone, a veteran Republican political consultant, called out Brennan in a series of Instagram videos and posts, Newsweek reported.

One post featured an image of Brennan with the caption: “This psycho must be charged, tried, convicted…and hung for treason,” according to a screenshot published by the outlet.

Brennan, who served as former President Barack Obama’s CIA director, has been accused by Republicans–along with former FBI Director James Comey—of relying too heavily on the much reported dossier, compiled by British intelligence official Christopher Steele, to launch the Justice Department’s investigation into the Trump campaign and its suspected ties to Russia.

Brennan has denied that the dossier played a role in the intelligence community’s surveillance program.”

Imagine that the admitted “former” communist party member and chief spook is dying clandestine coup operations.  I take his denial with as much gravitas as I did Hillary’s instance she keeps hot sauce in her purse when she appeared on a radio show hosted by black Americans.

Either he hold these tyrants accountable or we lose our country, and with it, the world, forever.  The Ball is in your court Mr. Barr.

Mark Siidney

Father, Husband, Son. Mark is just a regular guy from a blue color family who writes opinion articles. Mark has Economics & Political Science degrees from Rutgers University.

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