Our POV| Representative John Ratcliffe (R-TX) joined Maria Bartiromo to discuss Attorney General William Barr’s investigative progress to date.  

Bartiromo is one of the few honest journalists to acknowledge the obvious anomalies in the comments and testimonies of the Spygate conspirators.

Rep. Ratcliffe (R-TX), is a former federal prosecutor who is held in such high esteem by members of both parties that he was one of President Trump’s finalists for attorney general before the president settled on William Barr.  Serious man.

This is worth a listen.  Keep in mind that Rep. Ratcliffe is one of the few members of congress who has seen the vast majority of the documents that President Trump is considering declassifying.

The key takeaways:

  • Rep. Ratcliffe is convinced that A.G. Barr is the honest lawman we need leading the Department of Justice at this time.

“It’s nice to finally have someone at the head of the Justice Department that really does want answers to the suspect origins of how this all started.”

  • Ratcliffe praises Barr for his transparency in releasing the Mueller Report when he was under no obligation to do so.
  • Ratcliffe also praised Barr’s appointment of John Durham to investigate the origins of the Russian collusion investigation.

“I worked with John Durham on a dscreet issue during the CIA interrogation investigation back in 2010 and 2011.  I know him well.

“He is someone who is eminently fair.  But, most importantly, he’s someone that is driven by results, not by political motivations.

“He’s received praise from Republicans and Democrats for his work.”

  • Ratcliffe told Bartiromo, “At the end of the day it’s all about accountability.  I feel really good that will come.”

Part of the reason that Ratcliffe tell us he is so confident the truth will be coming out sooner rather than later is because the conspirators are turning on each other.

“In my experience Maria, as a former federal prosecutor, when co-defendants go from saying we didn’t do anything wrong to, well, I didn’t do anything wrong but I don’t know about him… Jim Comey and John Brennan aren’t co-defendants at this point but the principle is the same.

“The stories aren’t adding up and I think they’re starting to look out for themselves because, at the end of the day, you can’t justify the actions that were taken.”


“I’m telling your viewer that we have an attorney general who is committed to priority number one, restoring faith and trust in the justice system.”


“As someone who has seen every FISA document … I’m expecting [Inspector General Michael Horowitz] to find there were problems with the application and the renewals in FISA.


“I’ll be shocked if [IG Horowitz] does not find that Jim Comey’s FBI and Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice did not use the FISA process properly…”

Deciphering the congressman’s double negative he’s saying they abused the FISA process.

This confirms what former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova told Laura Ingraham earlier this week:

DiGenova: Horowitz has already concluded that the final three FISA’s were completely illegal.  He’s now on the brink of finding that the first FISA was completely illegal.

Finally, this is getting real.

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