Opinion| 4/19 – In case you missed it, I think you will find this is a key piece to the puzzle ….

Stalin had Lavrentiy Beria.  Barack Obama had John Brennan.  

At least that’s how it appears as we continue seeing more evidence coming from the release of the transcripts of the congressional testimony of those involved in creating the spygate ruse, thanks to House Judiciary member Doug Collins (R-GA).

Last week the transcript of Nellie Ohr’s testimony was released by Rep. Collins.

At least two important revelations came from the transcript.

Nellie Ohr lied about when she applied for and received a ham radio license.  She also revealed that she sought out Glenn Simpson (Fusion GPS) for a job and not the other way around.

Keep in mind that Nellie Ohr had been a contracted employee of the CIA for a number of years.  She was considered a specialist in Russian matters. She had prior CIA authorization to conduct searches of the NSA database.  These are important points to keep in mind as you continue reading.

Ms. Ohr was also devout in her support of Hillary Clinton.

Her prior employment included time working for Open Source Works, a division of the CIA that uses open-source information to produce intelligence products.

Ms. Ohr:Through most of 2008. And then starting in 2008, I worked for Open Source Works.”

Ms. Ohr didn’t provide the end date for employment with OSW.  Clearly, though, she was a CIA asset, at least in some form.

From her testimony we now know that in September 2015, Nellie Ohr approached Glenn Simpson, for a job working for Fusion GPS.  

Under testimony Ohr acknowledged that Simpson was aware that her husband, Bruce Ohr, was a high-ranking deputy attorney general at the DOJ.

Ms. Ohr obviously had a lot to offer Simpson in helping him bring down Donald Trump.

Ms. Ohr began working under contract to Fusion GPS compiling opposition research against Donald Trump.  That research was likely conducted using unauthorized 702(16)(17) “what if” searches of the NSA database.

The information that Nellie Ohr gleaned was passed through Fusion GPS to Christopher Steele who completed the laundering process and compiled the now infamous Steele dossier.

Pay close attention.  

On April 18, 2016, Admiral Mike Rogers shut down the FBI/NSD contractor access to the FISA search system after an audit determined that 85% of the searches were conducted by outside contractors and were unauthorized abuses of the NSA database.

One month later, Nellie Ohr applied for a ham radio operator’s license:

When questioned about when she filed for the license Ms. Ohr wasn’t forthcoming, telling congress that she had applied for it much earlier than she had:

Later, when Ms. Ohr was given the opportunity to amend her answer, by linking the timing of the license to her employment at Fusion GPS, she failed to do so.

Ms. Ohr’s response appears to be a deliberate effort to deceive her questioners.  It’s one thing to not remember a date but it’s an entirely different thing to be off by a year or two once the event is tied to another around the same time.  Suspicious.

To summarize:

  • Ms. Ohr is a CIA asset trained and authorized in conducting what if searches of the NSA database.  
  • Ms. Ohr approached Glenn Simpson for a job as a researcher.  
  • Simpson’s firm, Fusion GPS, was a contract employer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC conducting opposition research against Donald Trump.
  • Admiral Mike Rogers shuts down access to access to the NSA database on April 18, 2016.
  • A month later, while serving as the source of raw information to Christopher Steele to launder into the dossier, Ms. Ohr applies for and gets a ham radio license.
  • Ms. Ohr’s husband, Bruce, is the fourth ranking official at the DOJ
  • Bruce Ohr becomes the conduit for the opposition research product to be funneled to the FBI.
  • Ms. Ohr passes all of her work product (contained on a memory stick) directly to her husband for infusion into the FBI.

This should not shock anyone.  The events and circumstances surrounding Nellie Ohr align with what we already know about other CIA (Brennan) efforts to impugn those around Donald Trump.

The CIA had also deployed assets other than Nellie Ohr, foreign intelligence assets (Five Eyes etc.) overseas to run against members of the Trump campaign – Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, etc. – to “dirty them up” in order to create evidence that an  FBI counterintelligence operation was warranted during the same timeframe.

Operation Crossfire Hurricane was launched as a result in July 2016.

If John Brennan wasn’t the person who ordered the use of these assets and orchestrated this ruse then he’s a moron of epic proportions for missing what was happening right under his nose.  

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