ICYMI| Opinion| It has been reported that a former Playboy model and star of reality show “Big Brother,” Natacha Jaitt, was found deceased in the nude after a house party in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Her death comes after she sent out an ominous tweet warning of a celebrity pedophile ring.

The New York Post reports:

Local media report there was evidence of drug use found at the scene — but in an eerie twist, the socialite and former Playboy model seems to have predicted her own death just months earlier.

In April last year, the 41-year-old took to Twitter to claim her life was at risk after receiving unspecified threats.

“WARNING: I am not going to commit suicide, I am not going to take too much cocaine and drown in a bath, or shoot myself. So if this happens, IT WASN’T ME. Save this tweet,” she wrote in Spanish, according to the Buenos Aires Times.

The shocking Twitter post was made after the model accused numerous public figures, which included members of the media, politicians, celebrities, and athletes of having involvement in underage prostitution on live television.

It is also believed that Jaitt implicated the Pope in the ring.

The Buenos Aires Times reported that there are now “unconfirmed reports” the model and mother of two ingested “excessive amounts of cocaine, LSD and champagne” on Friday night while attending a party.

The former Playboy model appeared in the (2004) sixth season of the hit show “Big Brother Spain” was attending the party with a friend, 49-year-old Raul Duarte.

The New York Post reports that the two “had planned to meet property owner Guillermo Riconi, 47, in relation to a possible business deal.”

“But while local news outlets have reported autopsy results showed Jaitt suffered multiple organ failure with no sign of violence, her brother claims she wouldn’t have taken drugs as they would have reacted to medication she had just started taking. He and Jaitt’s lawyer are convinced the death was likely murder and not an overdose, and police are now investigating the case and interviewing other people who were at the party with the actress,” the outlet continues.

The model became famous after leaving her home country of Argentina to go to Spain with only $10 in her pocket. She was stabbed in the neck and mugged in 2016. Prior to her death, the model had made claims that she was raped an received death threats.

The Post reports:

Conspiracy theories relating to her mysterious death have run wild on social media, with scores of Reddit users arguing Jaitt’s ominous April 2018 tweet was likely “proof” she hadn’t overdosed.

“She knew the risk she was putting herself at. I’m not a big conspiracy person but … are we really expected to believe that she uncovered this and then just mysteriously killed herself?” one Reddit user asked, while another added: “It must be hard to have info about something so serious yet so sensitive that people might not believe you and if they do you might be killed for it. The world seems like it’s just getting darker and darker.”

Reddit users also claimed pictures of Jaitt’s naked body had been posted online shortly after her death before being hastily deleted.

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