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The Overnight Ratings For The Super Bowl Are In & The NFL Is Not Going To Like This … Patriots v Rams See Worst Ratings In a Decade

Opinion| The NFL can not seem to get out of it’s own way these days.

Whether it is their multi-million dollar athletes kneeling during the singing of our National Anthem, star players being arrested or having the left label the Super Bowl winning team “the team of white supremacy”, the NFL can not catch a break.  I am not trying to assign the blame elsewhere, after all the NFL lies in the bed that they made.

Anyone who runs a business knows that it is never a good idea to marginalize half of your target audience, or make them feel like their values are not welcome in, or around, your business.  This what many Trump supporters, veterans, law enforcement professionals and conservatives feel the NFL has done to them by allowing, and in some cases encouraging, players to kneel during the singing of the National Anthem.

It is not just the right that feels that the NFL is not speaking to them.  Some on the left think that the NFL has not done enough to fight for their causes, are mad that Colin Kaepernick was not signed to an NFL team, and others are apparently claiming that the Patriots are somehow “White Supremacy” …. yes, seriously.

Regardless of who you think has just criticisms, the result of all this is that the NFL’s Super Bowl suffered the worst ratings in a decade according to Austin Karp:

The fact that the 2009 Super Bowl, which scored lower in the ratings was between two relatively small market teams, Pittsburg and Saint Louis, underscores just how disappointing the ratings for last night’s game were.

Breitbart points out that “Especially concerning for the NFL, is that the two teams in the Super Bowl represented major markets in Los Angeles and Boston. Specifically, the fact that the game couldn’t draw 50% of households in Los Angeles. If the NFL can’t reverse their bad ratings trend with two top ten markets included, the league will have to seriously consider major changes.”

The NFL is not coming to me asking for advice, but if they were I would not tell them to embrace either side of the political debate, they need to separate themselves from it completely.  As Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft said, the NFL is about “escapism.”  The NFL is our version of ancient Rome’s gladiatorial battles where citizens attended to escape the realities of everyday life.

The NFL is in a unique position to unify America in a time where we are perhaps the most divided politically as we have been since the civil war.  Instead of trying to bring us together, they seem to work to divide us.  It seems to me that if the NFL wants to get it’s glory back, they should focus more on what brings us together and less on what drives us apart, but hey, what do I know?

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