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Outrage & Calls For Bill Maher to Resign After Disgusting Racist “Joke”

Comedian Bill Maher was slapped with racism accusations after he made a “racist” joke about fried chicken to a black Republican during a Friday interview on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Fox News reports, “Texas Republican Rep. Will Hurd came on the show to discuss the border wall, which he opposes. The host went on to ask the congressman why he remains a member of the GOP and sides with “traitor” President Trump.”

Take a look:

“I’m a Republican because I believe in limited government,” Hurd quickly answered. Maher then interjected to claim that Republicans do not support smaller government.

Maher stated, “I’m just asking why you’re Republican? Because they’re not good at the debt, that was their big thing. You said limited government, they don’t do that. What’s in it for you? What is in the Republican Party for you? You were in the CIA!”

Hurd answered, “I was in the CIA for almost a decade. I was the dude in the back alleys at 4 o’clock in the morning collecting intelligence on threats to the homeland.”

This is when things got weird and Maher made the joke. “That’s where you’d collect it, huh? Wow. By the Popeyes Chicken?”

People swarmed Maher on Twitter, accusing him of racism.

“Here’s Bill Maher lobbing a clearly racist joke to GOP Congressman Will Hurd, asking him if he gathered undercover intel for the CIA out ‘by the Popeye’s Chicken,’” NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck wrote in a tweet.

“Bill Maher is gonna be Bill Maher. Nobody’s canceling HBO over this, so he’s just gonna keep on being Bill Maher and accusing a black congressman of gathering intelligence behind a Popeyes Chicken,” Gabriel Malor tweeted.

“Bill Maher insults black CIA vet by suggesting he picked up tips ‘behind the Popeye’s Chicken’ same day as Ralph Northam admits he submitted racist af blackface Klan photo to yearbook – it’s almost like this is all a game to them,” wrote the Federalist publisher Ben Domenech in a tweet.

Fox reports, “Maher has long been criticized for what some have described as racially charged language on his show. About two years ago, Maher faced calls to have his show scrapped after he said the N-word during an interview with Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse. He apologized for the use of the word that time.”

Republicans and Liberals alike were unhappy with Maher’s comment:

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