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Deep State Kingpin, John Kerry Goes Too Far, Makes Absurd Claims That America Will Not Survive A Second Trump Term

Former Secretary of State John Kerry sent out a fundraising email this week, in which he made a bold prediction.

The Democrat claimed that the United States might not “survive” if President Donald Trump is re-elected in the 2020 election.

The DNC letter bashed the President for allegedly “embarrassing our nation” and “weakening the very foundation of our democracy.”

Take a look:

“Our Democracy might not be able to survive four more years of Donald Trump, and the only course of action that will be able to stop this international chaos from continuing is to win seats across the country this year and elect a Democrat to the White House in 2020,” the email reads.

This isn’t the first time Kerry has specifically called out Trump. On January 23, Fox News reported:

John Kerry, the former secretary of state and potential 2020 hopeful, called on President Trump to step down during a Tuesday appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Kerry, who lost his bid for the presidency in 2004, made the statement during a panel in which he was asked a hypothetical question: What his message for Trump would be if he were sitting next to him?

“He doesn’t take any of this seriously,” Kerry stated.

CNBC’s Tania Bryer began to press Kerry for details, to which he gave a single-word response, “Resign.”

President Trump was set to go to Davos to attend the summit, however he canceled the trip because of the partial government shutdown. Last Tuesday morning, Trump mocked the mainstream media on Twitter.

He wrote, “Last time I went to Davos, the Fake News said I should not go there. This year, because of the Shutdown, I decided not to go, and the Fake News said I should be there.”

“Kerry has been a consistent Trump critic. After the September release of Bob Woodard’s book ‘Fear,’ which claimed to provide inside knowledge of the Trump White House, Kerry said the alleged details scare him. Following the resignation of former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis earlier this year, Kerry slammed Trump’s ‘pull-out, walk-away presidency’ and described Trump’s decision to pull out U.S. troops from Syria a ‘moment of shame,'” Fox reported.

When questioned if he would be running in 2020, Kerry simply stated that he has not “taken anything off the table.”

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