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Frontier Is Begging To Be Boycotted After Doing Unthinkable To Trump Supporter Wearing MAGA Hat According To Gateway Pundit Kick Trump Supporter Off Plane For Wearing MAGA Hat

A Trump supporter named Kenny Cool was kicked off a Frontier Airline flight in 2016 after he said aloud the popular slogan “Make America Great Again.”

It was like deja vu on Monday when Cool was kicked off yet another Frontier flight.

The Gateway Pundit reports that “while attempting to travel from Las Vegas back home to St. Louis, Cool was called a “school shooter” over his hat and says another passenger asserted that they want to kill the president.”

Cool was the only passenger taken off the plane.

Take a look:

Just as Cool had during the first incident in 2016, he walked onto the flight wearing a “MAGA” hat.

“I boarded saying ‘MAGA, Trump 2020, Roger Stone is an innocent man’ and when I got to my seat a guy said ‘hey, I like your hat’ and I thanked him. Then he said ‘just kidding,’ so I said ‘oh okay, well let’s Make America Great Again.’ He responded by saying, ‘yeah, until we kill him,’” Cool stated to the Gateway Pundit. “After that was when that lady chimed in calling me a school shooter. Just minutes later I was escorted off the plane without explanation.”

The plane staff made claims that Cool was “making threats,” but he denies all the claims.

While escorting Cool off the plane, a plane staff member asked him, “What do you think you did?”

The airline staff claimed in the 2016 incident that the hat with Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan made another passenger “feel unsafe.”

The Gateway Pundit explains:

While some may say that he should have learned his lesson the first time — Cool maintains that he did nothing wrong and has every right to actively promote his views. He is correct. If someone was booted from a plane for saying “Black Lives Matter” the liberal media would be preparing to riot.

Following the last incident, a Frontier representative defended the actions of the crew. We have reached out to them for comment about this latest video and received an automatic response stating that the “email address is only for use by working journalists,” and that they will “reply as soon as possible to requests from accredited members of the media.”

We will update this story if they opt to provide a comment.

After the airline claimed no wrongdoing in the 2016 incident, another passenger on the flight reached out and provided this reporter with photos and details about what he had witnessed. He did not know Cool and had no connection to him prior to the flight and the story going viral.

“There was not one passenger that complained, it was all the flight attendant,” the witness said at the time. “She didn’t like it when he said ‘lets make America great again.’ Even the other flight attendants didn’t understand what had happened. They stood behind my seat talking about having to write a report on something they didn’t understand.”

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