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Oh So Humble Michelle Obama Claims She’s America’s “Forever First Lady” – Twitter Sets Her Straight [Flashback]


Oh So Humble Michelle Obama Claims She’s America’s “Forever First Lady” – Twitter Sets Her Straight [Flashback]

Opinion| ICYMI – 5/18 –  I think we all remember back to the time that former President Barack Obama kept referring to the White House as “my house.” Former First Lady Michelle Obama has taken the cake after calling herself America’s “Forever First Lady.”

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was speaking at Temple University on Wednesday when she told students to keep their composure during the “struggle.” Mrs. Obama told the students that she was originally very nervous to leave her home in Chicago to attend Princeton University, and she assured them that this fear was normal.

She then went on to tell the students that hard work is imperative to be successful. She then made an extremely bold statement. “We have such high hopes for you. See, I am not one of those doubters. I know that you have everything it takes to succeed. I know you are me, and if I can be standing here as your forever First Lady, then you can do anything you put your mind to.”

Apparently Michelle Obama takes after her husband and believes that she is the big hero.

The Hill reports, “This is the fifth consecutive year that Obama has marked College Signing Day. She headlined the event last year just months after leaving the White House.”

The segment is in the video below:

Just like when Barack Obama called the White House “my house,” Michelle Obama feels that she is entitled to whatever she pleases, even the “forever” title of First Lady.

There was one time Barack Obama was interrupted by a heckler during a White House event. Obama shot back at the man by saying, “You’re in my house.”

The White House is actually the people’s house, not Barack Obama’s house or Donald Trump’s house. Let’s make that clear.

This isn’t the first time that Michelle Obama has been arrogant, however. She stated that she was never proud of the United States until her husband was elected as President of the United States. reports:

Obama made this hateful comment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2008 right before her husband was elected.

“For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback,” she said.

Michelle Obama supporters jumped to defend her, claiming that she didn’t really mean anything by what she said, it was just a “slip of the tongue.” She likely meant that she had never been so proud of the United States until her husband was elected as the Democrat nominee. She should really be more aware of the language that she chooses.

Here is how Americans reacted on Twitter:

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