Speculation, Analysis and, of course, Opinion of K Baish| 7/18/19 – Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” this week with host Tucker Carlson to discuss death threats that he has received, as well as an attack by domestic terrorist group Antifa.

The Daily Caller reports:

Gaetz spoke to Tucker about some of the threatening messages he has received, including one in which a man said he would “blow” Gaetz’s “fucking head” off. The man in the audio tape was identified, but a federal prosecutor decided not to bring charges, Tucker reported.

Gaetz provided an audio clip, which stated, “Gaetz, you pathetic piece of shit. Do you know that I could blow your fucking head clean off your shoulders from over a mile away. Watch your back bitch. You pathetic little piece of shit. You got your head so far up Trump’s ass, hahaha, I could still take it off your shoulders. Fuck you, Gaetz. I’m coming after you, bitch.”

Take a look:

During his time on the air on Tuesday, the Republican lawmaker explained that the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of California “deemed these messages ‘a non-threat.”

“It’s obviously a crime, a federal crime, to make these types of threats against any federal official,” Gaetz explained to the Fox host. “This Congress, we’re on record for 10,000 threats against members of Congress, and I condemn them whether they’re against Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives.”

He continued, “This is just no way to operate within our country.”

According to the Caller, Gaetz also “spoke about the differences between repercussions for those who have threatened him versus people who have threatened officials such as Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell and Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar.”

“When people threaten conservatives, I hope there’s not a double standard,” he went on. “There were even other messages where they threatened my family, Tucker. People on the left want to talk about threats to our democracy – our democracy is served when our representatives have fidelity to the constitution and our constituents.”

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