I do not think any of us saw this coming … not just the email scandal, but the incredible draconian response from the tech giants, working in unison to literally interfere in the election by trying to hide potentially  damning information about their favorite candidate.

After talking with some legal experts on the matter and folks who work on ‘The Hill’ I have a feeling that this is going to be a pivotal moment, not only for the Biden crime family, but for ‘Big Tech’ as well.  Very few people think that Facebook and Twitter should be able to censor the way they have been.  It is something out of a dystopian novel.

There are still many more documents to be released and with this much time left before the election, one can assume they are only going to get more damning.  There are rumors that some of the information on the device contains evidence of some of the most heinous crimes a human being could commit, although, once again, the authenticity of the drive, nor the rumored content has been released.

[Opinion] Rudy Giuliani has just made one of the boldest claims in political history. He says that information from a hard drive allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden will deliver victory to Trump.

Many people have vogued for the authenticity of the information. However, the hard drive has not been verified.  In an interview with the Daily Caller Rudy said he has the proof that the information is accurate and that he will release it. It’s worth noting that the Bien camp is yet to deny the authenticity of the emails.

Rudy is under pressure to release the complete hard drive, all in one big dump.  However, Rudy says that he is releasing it piecemeal in order to catch Biden in lies as they make misstatements truing to cover up the facts as he releases more info.  Rudy says he has already caught the Biden team in one lie, although he did not say what that lie was during his interview with the Daily Caller.

When pressed on the authenticity of the hardn drive, Rudy pushed back:

“We can deal with the process all you want, but nobody dealt with the process when they stole Donald Trump’s tax returns and published it without verifying anything, and they don’t even have an unnamed source for it. What’s the difference between that and this? This has three people on the record, now four. It’s a hard drive and text messages. If you read them, it’s almost impossible it’s not Hunter Biden’s.”

I just want to say that the hard drive is not yet verified and the emails could possibly have been faked.

Other highlights frommRudy include:

Giuliani says the hard drive originally came into his possession after the Mac Shop owner created four copies to distribute to his friends because he feared for his life. He passed along the original, physical hard drive to the FBI, and finally handed over the copy in Giuliani’s possession to Robert Costello, Giuliani’s attorney, months later. He claims the shop owner attempted to give it to other Republican operatives but no one would take it.

Giuliani claimed that text messages sent by Hunter Biden indicate a “kickback” program where he sent “half of his salary” back to Joe Biden, “which is a Chinese method of corruption.” He did not answer questions about whether there were bank documents or other evidence supporting that claim contained on the hard drive.

Fox News recently ran the headline ‘Rudy Giuliani: Purported Hunter Biden emails will ‘shock the hell out of you”

‘There are still thousands of Hunter Biden emails to go through, Trump’s personal attorney told ‘Fox & Friends’

Emails, texts and photos found on an abandoned laptop that purportedly belonged to Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, allegedly show federal crimes among other shocking things, President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

This is Hunter Biden’s emails, texts, and really the photographs will shock the hell out of you,” Giuliani said, adding that Hunter Biden’s attorney was not disputing their legitimacy.’

“It’s authentic as hell,” he claimed. “Some of those pictures on it can only have come from him, and I’ll tell you why I know it for sure. I have about 10 pieces of confidential information nobody knows except me and Hunter Biden. Kept it that way. I investigated cases for 50 years. Every one of those hits the mark.”‘

Perhaps the part of the Daily Caller interview that really made me think the evidence was ‘Beyond Comprehension,’ was Rudy’s statement that ‘When you look a these photographs, which are disgusting and horrible … the Chinese have every single one of them.’  Factor that in with the claims about Hunter’s ‘underage obsessions,’ a potentially horrific picture forms in one’s head.

I encouraging you to watch the entire video.  You can mostly skip the first 10 mins or so while the reporter fruitlessly tries to catch Rudy in lies about the origin of the device.  Then it starts to get good.  Rudy warns that what is about to come out will shake the American political establishment to its core. If this proves to be true, it will be the most influential October surprise in US history.

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      • Gitmo should be kept for all of the rioters and looters that do not seem to be getting the punishment they deserve.

        They have cost citizens thousands of dollars the owners of businesses they looted and destroyed had worked hard for, only to have a bunch of no good people loot and burn it down.

  • All they will do is dump Biden, add a replacement, and every Dem will still vote Dem. The candidate doesn’t matter to them.

  • Omg he wants a copy of those files so bad that he was bouncing on his seat You think Rudy is that stupid ? Wait like the rest of the world ,it will be much more fun. Democrats will be wetting their beds as this all unfolds…it’s like reading a best selling book where you can hardly wait for the next chapter.! Stay safe Rudy .

    • I’m available since you OBVIOUSLY need a good editor. Your spelling error@, resulting in incorrect wording, makes your article look unprofessional. Gimme a call. I’ll make you better.

  • I’ll be waiting with such hope that Rudy Giuliani comes through for America with a conviction on the Biden’s corruption’s against America.

  • Many people have already mailed in their ballots. No changing their minds now. Why do you think the democrats wanted mail in ballots so bad?

    • That’s why Sleepy’s answer to virtually every question at the debate was, “vote, vote as early as possible”

  • Looking forward to watching America’s Mayor on Life, Liberty and Levin tonight. Bet you a tuna samich it will be a barn burner!

  • Sweet Jesus. What a disgusting world we live in. Who can you trust anymore. I am so glad Giuliani has this…cause I know he is honest to the core. He wouldn’t be speaking about this if it weren’t confirmed. We are fed up with these dirty politicians doing all kinds of ILLEGAL shit…and getting away with it. It seems that the people who find them out are probably threatened..and told not to proceed. Nevertheless..this has to finally come out…and I wonder if Obama is still going to campaign for Biden.

  • Here’s a question I have not seen asked: if the Hunter Biden emails are a Russian plant, then why were they given to the FBI first for them to trace for months before releasing them to the NY Post?

  • I will wait and see. Too many anticipated “bombshells” over the past years have fizzled. If this proves true, for the sake of the Republic, I hope the voters will see the truth of the leftist agenda.


  • this should have been released by the F.B.I. shortly after they received it.the sitting on information like this ,SMELLS LIKE A OPEN SEWER ON A HOT DAY. if Giulani had not got the copy, this would have disappeared never to be seen again. the FBI has shot it’s self in the brain. time for the removal of the total bunch of fools and let homeland security take over .we have way too many “investigation” agencies as it is .every one expecting someone else to do what needs doing and nobody doing ANYTHING.

  • It should be over but it’s not. Not with the lunacy & ignorance of the average American voter. That the Biden family, with the patriarch being old Joe himself, are the same as a Mafioso family will not play a part in who some of the brain dead mouth breathers out there will vote for.
    Save America by voting out of power ALL Leftists & re-elect Trump.

  • SPECIAL NOTE TO JOE: Joe, look at the bright side. Now you can rightfully claim the title of, “Godfather”! I have waited a very long time for you to assume that title. By the way, did anyone ever brief you way back in 1976/77 about the investigation referenced below? The guys on our team got a real laugh when we were informed that you attended Little Jimmy’s Bible Studies and actually prayed over the news we submitted in our investigation summery. Thanks Godfather for making our work sound somewhat spiritual at least for a short time!

    Soldier/Cop, Retired.

    Drug Trade/Money Laundering Investigation (1976/77).

    As the lead investigator of a team of federal investigators who caught then first term senator Joe Biden, a young state attorney general from Arkansas (better known as Billy Clinton), several senior members of little Jimmy Carter’s administration, over a dozen international bankers, and many other federal/state politicians/bureaucrats up to their necks in the international drug trade/money laundering centered in the Panama Canal Zone; I caution any American among the most effectively lied to population in modern times to be very careful throwing rocks at D.J. Trump. Dare any of you to compare the number of federal/state led investigations concerning Trump that have come up empty against the number of verified charges rendered against the entire Biden family only to be laughed off by the sitting oligarchy and their lackeys in the media as; “That’s just Good Old Joe taking care of his friends and family!” As a very old cop I am still amazed at how easy it is to pull and/or keep the wool pulled over the average American’s eyes!

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

  • Just the fact that sun doesn’t always shine and wind doesn’t always blow should put a HUGE hole in Joe Biden’s run for President. Add in the trillions of dollars the “Green New Deal” would cost to implement. I have one question for Biden: How do you plan to pay for all of the infrastructures you propose, much less do it when taking away current energy venues? The Green New Deal is pie in the sky unworkable.

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