Imagine if you will, a white devil president so racist, so evil, so hateful of minorities … that he gets a higher percentage of votes from non-white Americans than any Republican candidate in 60 years. Newsmax explained ‘While winning 57% of the white vote, which comprised 65% of the electorate, Trump also pulled 12% of Blacks, 32% of Hispanics, 31% of Asians and 40% of other non-white groups, according to an NBC exit poll.’

[Opinion]  How is it possible that a candidate that had the least enthusiastic following I have ever seen, manage to get 72 million people to show up to vote?  I am not saying that people did not vote against Trump, I’m just saying I have no met anyone who was ‘excited’ to vote for Sleepy Joe.

President Trump received 68 million votes, hat’s 7 million more than in 2016. Trump was able to achieve the increase mainly because of a number of things, one of the most import being increased support among minority voters.

It can be argued that Hispanic support won Florida for the president. However, I am left wondering where all the increased Democrat voters cam from with a candidate duo that few, if anyone was excited to vote for.

This year all of the pollsters and pundits were predicting a huge, sweeping, Democrat win across the board.  Pollsters said Biden was up by 10 points near the end of the game, they predicted a blue Senate, a huge majority in the House … they turned out to be wrong, yet again.

There are House members now calling for Pelosi’s head on a platter. They feel like she did not do anything about gaining new seats or protecting old ones.

Edison exit polling found that about 25% of all minority voters selected Trump. That is an amazing number considering that Democrats have been insisting that Trump is a racist for four years now.

But, then again, President Trump has a proven history of helping minorities, which the Democrats do not. The election is over now and Democrats will once again go back to favoring illegals over Americans.

From The National Review

‘Roughly one quarter of non-white voters cast their ballots for Trump, according to an Edison exit poll. If the poll is an accurate reflection of final results, Trump will have won over more non-white voters than any Republican since Richard Nixon, who won 32 percent of the non-white vote in 1960 but lost to John F. Kennedy. Trump will also have improved on his performance in the 2016 election when he won 21 percent of the non-white vote.

Democrats have attacked Trump as racist, including during the 2016 and 2020 elections. In the wake of the George Floyd demonstrations in late May, Democrats lashed out at Trump’s opposition to removing monuments of Confederate figures and the Confederate flag from public spaces, and have repeatedly invoked Trump’s 2016 comments in which he warned of Mexican “rapists” illegally crossing the border. The president has also opted to call coronavirus the “China virus,” which has unnerved Democrats concerned about anti-Asian racism.

It appears that support among Latinos buoyed Trump victories in several key counties in the Sun Belt. Trump was able to score a win in Zapata County, Texas, by 52-to-47 percent over Joe Biden. The county’s population is 94.7 percent Hispanic, and elected Hillary Clinton over Trump in 2016 by 65-32 percent.’

The MSM be like: Well, I’ll be, I never knew there were so many racist, self hating minorities in this country.  Go figure, Trump makes everyone racist …

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