It feels like with each and every passing day another bombshell admission about just how crooked the previous administration was come to light.  We also learn just how integral to the Democrat’s political game psychological projection is …

[Opinion] The more we find out about Comey’s FBI, the dirtier they look. But Comey keeps insisting that he is a choir boy. Well, Satan started out as an angel. On the other hand, Comey did not start out as a good guy. The change was not very pronounced.

We now find out that the FBI had investigated the main source for the Steele dossier was once suspected to be a Russian agent and a threat to national security. Comey will try to brush this off but he most likely knew  about him since the investigation took place in 2010, and he was integral to the most high profile case in the agency. The FBI wiretapped Igor Danchenko, in an effort to catch him in the act.

So, the FBI accepted the word of a suspected Russian spy in order to try to smear President Trump. But maybe they didn’t accept his word but instead tried to use him to depose Trump. That would be even worse.

And who was in charge of the FBI during the investigation of Danchenko? None other than Robert Mueller. So, he knew exactly what he was dealing with, and yet he used him in his attempted coup against Trump.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said in a statement :

“This is the most stunning and damning revelation the committee has uncovered.”

From The Daily Caller

The document shows that the FBI considered a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant of Danchenko years before the bureau relied heavily on information that he had provided Steele, a former British spy, to obtain FISAs against Carter Page.

Danchenko is not named in the memo, though his attorney has confirmed to reporters that the Russian national was Steele’s source.

The information also could increase concerns that Russian disinformation was fed to Steele, a former MI6 officer who investigated the Trump campaign on behalf of the Clinton campaign and DNC. A Justice Department inspector general’s report released Dec. 9 said that the FBI received evidence in January and February 2017 that Russian intelligence officers may have fed false information into Steele’s network of sources.

In the footnotes in the DOJ IG report that two Russian intelligence officers knew in 2016 that there was an ongoing investigation into Trump. According to the document, Danchenko met with Russian intelligence officers in 2005 and 2006.

If Russia was trying to help Trump win, why would they smear him? But if they wanted Hillary to win, it makes perfect sense. We have also recently found out that John Brennan’s team edited out all the mentions that Russia preferred Hillary over Trump.

Danchenko also worked at the far left Brookings Institute as a Russian analyst. And who did he work with there? Fiona Hill, Schiff’s star witness in the impeachment hoax. He also had worked with her before that. Quite an incestuous relationship with these Russian collusion hoaxers.

Who knows what other gems will be revealed before the election? But I’m guessing some big news will be coming out in November and that could include the results of John Durham’s investigation. But first things first. On Tuesday night unless he chickens out, Biden will be embarrassed in the debate against President Trump. May he rest in peace.

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