Chris Wallace interviewed the inept governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer and he asked her about the Biden scandal. But asking about the scandal to a Democrat will just get you a line of BS. Longer than the line for free BMWs. Or they play dumb and pretend they have never heard of it. It’s disingenuous either way.

Wallace introduced the subject and pointed out that Joe Biden owes the voters an explanation. Fat chance of that happening. If a reporter dares to ask Joe about his family’s pay to play scheme, he just shouts the reporter down and denies the story even exists.

But remember one very important thing. Vladimir Putin jokingly ‘endorsed’ Joe Biden because the Democrats and the commies have so much in common.

Wallace asked:

“New information is coming out about the Biden family’s business dealings with China. Really, two questions, one, does Biden owe more of an explanation to the American people, and wasn’t it a mistake for the vice president to allow all of this to go on, some of it while he was vice president?”

Whitmer replied that there is not a “scintilla of evidence”  that the Bidens did anything corrupt. All you have to do is ignore the emails and the eyewitness as well as all of the videos, but if you throw all of that out, there is no evidence. If you remember, the Democrats also said there was not a “scintilla of evidence”  that Obama spied on Donald Trump.

Wallace pressed on:

Respectfully, I do need to ask — governor, I do need to ask you this though. There is evidence that maybe that Biden didn’t take money, but clearly his brother, his son were involved in business dealings. There was talk about the Biden name. One, wasn’t that inappropriate for that to be going on while he was vice president? It sure sounds like influence peddling and doesn’t he owe a fuller accounting?”

Whitmer lied and followed that with a whirlwind spin on the subject:

“You know what, Chris, I think that Joe has sat for questions. He has answered these questions. The American people aren’t going to be distracted from the fact that this election is about the dinner table issues and the dinner table issue of 2020 is a Trump administration that has never been able to have a national strategy on COVID.”

Well, Joe Biden has never sat down to answer questions and Whitmer knows it but Democrats are fearless when it comes to lying. The only think Biden has ever said on the subject was that he never discussed his son’s or brother’s business dealings. But, that now appears to be a lie.

Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden said during a press gathering that Joe Lied about that. Bobulinski said that he personally spoke to Joe about Hunter’s business ventures. He provided emails that appear to support his claims.

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  • Of course, Shitmer says there’s no evidence that the Bidens have done anything wrong. (Nor Hillary, I’m sure.). And with your party’s entire propaganda arm parading around like legit news agencies, whatever evidence is produced will quickly be repackaged as “Russian Collusion.” Oh, that’s already happening.

  • “The only think Biden has ever said on the subject was that he never discussed his son’s or brother’s business dealings.” Shouldn’t that be THING? This is a great article but if your going to publish something like this, t should be 100% correct with spelling or proper word usage. Thanks for this though, it shows just how far they will lie to advance their nonsense.

    • “t should be 100% correct with spelling or proper word usage” do you mean “it” not “t”? I too hope it is sarcasm otherwise you’re an idiot!

  • For all intents and purposes Joe Biden is a lying sack of fecal matter and the rest of the democratic party is covering for him. As for a national covid response this country is so large that a one size fits all policy does not work. However apparently leaving it up to the Governors to do what’s best for their state with federal support only works in Republican states.