I know this will not come as a shock to those of you who regularly read our blog.  However, there are too many Americans out there who do not keep up with the real news on the internet and merely watch the prepackaged TV ‘news.’  The violence committed by those on the left, for political purposes is the most under reported story of our time …

[Opinion]  An Antifa leader has been arrested for assaulting journalist Jack Posobiec. 25-year-old Jason Robert Charter “unlawfully assaulted and threatened” Posobiec. During a riot in Washington DC , the Antifa leader attacked Posobiec, who is a correspondent with One America News Network. But, remember this is Washington DC , so unless it’s a federal prosecution, you can expect him to walk away free.

The attack took place on June 26th as antifa and BLM were trying to topple a statue paid for by freed slaves and Black Union veterans. Posobiec was filming a Black tour guide who was trying to get rioters to leave the statue alone. There was nothing racist about the monument. It was a tribute to Abe Lincoln by freed slaves.

Charter, a black-clad Antifa insurgent who donned a pair of red ski goggles and bicycle helmet, insulted Posobiec and then he pushed him, causing him to fall back. The attack was unprovoked

From The Post Millennial :

Posobiec was flanked by several black men, including the tour guide, to guide him safely away. Then a presumed associate of Charter tried to grab Posobiec’s phone out of his hands as others swarmed to shove him, but were pushed back by a private security agent accompanying media members present at the event. Several of the black bloc militants dumped liquid on Posobiec.

Charter pursued Posobiec en route, prompting a verbal confrontation. The leftist instigator continued to barricade Posobiec from moving forward in any direction. Spotting police presence nearby, Posobiec advanced towards law enforcement, but he was stopped in his tracks again by Charter. At one point, Charter interrogated Posobiec on why he would not return to his vehicle, suggesting that Posobiec did not want his car’s license plates recorded and insinuating that Antifa would dox his current location and place of residence.

When Posobiec finally made his way to authorities with the aid of onlookers, Charter’s belligerent behavior bubbled with the police, initiating a fight with an officer when Charter blocked the cruiser that Posobiec left in.

But on Twitter Charter decried the fact that police gave Posobiec a ride to his vehicle to keep domestic terrorists such as himself from attacking him physically again. Charter has been released from custody on a conditional release. He is not allowed to go after Posobiec again. If he does, he goes back to jail.

Charter also participated in the destruction of the Albert Pike historical statue on June 20. He was seen lighting his cigarette on the ensuing flames. He also tried to pull down the Andrew Jackson statue just two days later. Charter is facing 20 years in a federal prison for his attacks on the statues.

But, Charter was arrested at Brandon Straka’s rally when he began fighting with law enforcement. Lock him up.

Steven Ahle

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  • There is no reason that Charter should have been released. The article mentions “conditional release”, but says nothing about bail. If he was released on his own recognizance, there had to have been a hearing before a judge. Was Charter even processed and charged by the police with a specific crime? Is there a protective order in place?

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