Steven Ahle| Medal of Honor recipient MSG Leroy Petry defended President Donald Trump’s decision to can LTC Alexander Vindman because he can’t be trusted.

He called Vindman a chow thief and a spotlight.

A chow thief takes more than his share when the foos supply is low, and a spotlighter is someone that works his tail off when the spotlight is on him and a do-nothing when it’s not.

Petry also pointed out that Democrats are calling him a hero because he has a purple heart, but having a purple heart does not make you a hero.

A soldier can get a purple heart if he is shot in the butt as he is running away from the enemy.

Petry said:

“I respect Donald Trump’s actions on escorting him out of the White House because he, as a team player, he should have brought it up through the chain of command and then blown the whistle if it didn’t get approved. So, exactly my insight is, I would fired him too, I can’t trust you on my team, if you can’t bring me things you don’t agree with.”

“I think this. I respect his service, I understand he is Purple Heart recipient. Being a Purple Heart recipient doesn’t make somebody a hero. I’m sorry.” 

Petry knows all about being a hero after being awarded the Congressional Medal of honor.

From The Daily Caller:

Medal of Honor recipient MSG Leroy Petry defended President Donald Trump’s decision to fire LTC Alexander Vindman, saying that Vindman had shown he couldn’t be trusted.

Petry made an appearance on Sunday morning’s “Fox & Friends” and responded to the news that Vindman had been fired from his post on the National Security Council and escorted from the White House.



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