Opinion| Mark Sidney|  ICYMII| So, let me get this straight, President Trump can not ask nations in which the children of former administration officials conducted shady business deals to look into their alleged corruption?  President Trump, nor his Attorney General, can investigate the likely illegal spying upon his campaign by the previous administration?

Trump gets accused of corruption for … wait for it … wanting to expose corruption.  However, Elizabeth, I lie every time I make a noise, Warren, can campaign based on locking up Trump and his fellow administration officials and the media and totalitarians (who self identify as ‘Democrats’) cheer.

It has become clear that there really are two sets of rules in this country.  One for the marxists who are hell bent on conquering us and controlling every single aspect of our lives, and another for those of us who are not part of the kleptocracy.

One needs to look no further than the Bernie Sanders campaign to realize that this is not an anomaly, this is who the leadership of the modern day, Trotsky worshiping, left is.

Many of Bernie’s own campaign staffers seem very open about their plans for the rest of us if Bernie wins … and if he does not win the election.

Words like ‘gulag’ ‘re-education’ and mass executions on the beach as well as riots and civil unrest seem to be thrown around the Bernie campaign as if they are SOP & expected.

Well, it turns out that it is not just Bernie that has some of these ideas, at least when it comes to going after Trump and his compatriots.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that ‘Far left Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) unveiled a new campaign plan Tuesday.  She must have come up with this idea while sitting through hours of sham impeachment testimony in the US Senate.

Warren’s plan calls for the creation of a Justice Department task force to investigate and prosecute corruption and immigration “violations” committed by the Trump administration. This plan is hatched while the Democrats/media excuse the Biden corruption entirely.

Warren threw red meat to her fascist followers.

She is promising to persecute Trump officials.

National Review also reported that Warren promises to go after Trump and his administration”

The Massachusetts senator says she will move to establish a task force to probe whether Trump officials broke any “federal bribery laws, insider trading laws, and other anti-corruption and public integrity laws” during their time in office.

Warren also proposed a DOJ task force to investigate possible violations of law committed in the course of enacting the Trump administration’s immigration agenda.

First off, I believe this.  Second, do you really think they will stop with the administration ?  My money is on them coming for anyone who does not share their radical leftist ideology.  I mean, hell, do not take my word for it, listen to what the people in the campaign are saying.

TGWP reminds us that ‘Democrats, with the help of Jeff Sessions, launched a Special Counsel to investigate President Trump and his administration for collusion with Russia despite already knowing this was a debunked conspiracy theory.

Democrats cheered as Paul Manafort was sent to prison for life for his role as Trump campaign manager — when his business partners, the Podestas, walk free.

Democrats in the Deep State went after Trump officials to ruin them financially.

Democrats went after General Flynn to destroy his reputation, threaten his son, slander his good name, bankrupt him and jail him, based on lies.

Democrats charged Republican operative Roger Stone with process crimes in the hope of jailing him until death.

Democrats eliminated prominent conservative voices online and on social media.

Democrats in the tech world eliminated conservative voices on Facebook — eliminated conservative voices on Twitter — eliminated conservative voices on YouTube and Google. This top Trump-supporting website has suffered greatly as a target of the Left.

Democrats are starving conservative publishers from advertising dollars.’

This is all true, we can attest to the fact that Facebook has strangled us down to about 5-10% of the reach we paid them about 1/4 of a million dollars to compete for, despite our content being better than ever and our engagement rates at all time highs.

Our ad revenue has been throttled too and advertisers threatened not to do business with us.  Worse yet we have heard recent reports of hosting companies being forced to kick pro Trump sites and even alternative health sites off their servers.

This is how it has worked historically, first they come for your ability to earn a living, then they come for your life.  I know this sounds hard to believe, but, again, do not take my word for it, listen to what the Dems are saying themsleves …

Mark Siidney

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