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Like A Boss: Super Close Up Photo of Trump’s Notes Shows He Crossed Out “Corona” and Replaced it with “Chinese” Virus


Like A Boss: Super Close Up Photo of Trump’s Notes Shows He Crossed Out “Corona” and Replaced it with “Chinese” Virus

OPINION|  It has been a long time since the United States of America has had a real ‘leader’ in the White House.

By leader, I mean a man who makes his own decisions and is not just a PR spokesperson for his donors and the kleptocrats in the DS.

Just today we got another reminder, a visual illustration, of just how much of his own man President Trump is.

The Gateway Pundit explained:

‘Washington Post reporter Jabin Botsford took a photo of President Trump’s notes from Thursday’s press briefing showing he crossed out “Corona” and replaced it with “Chinese” virus.

The media has been badgering President Trump over his use of the phrase “Chinese virus” or “Wuhan Coronavirus” when referring to a virus that originated in… China.

But the President isn’t backing down.

True to form, President Trump is hitting back harder and refusing to bow down to the media sycophants who are more concerned about offending their Communist masters than reporting the truth.

Trump annihilated a liberal hack reporter on Thursday morning during a press briefing on the Wuhan Coronavirus.’

Kriseten Wlker of NBC attacked President Trump (in the form of a ‘question’, Alex), asking why Mr. Trump was not taking the outbreak of Covid-19 seriously.

Trump’s reply left the room stunned, “We were very prepared. And the only thing we weren’t prepared for was the media,” Trump explained.

“The media has not treated it fairly. I’ll tell you how prepared I was. I called for a ban from people coming in from China long before anybody thought it was… In fact it was your network. I believe they called me a racist because I did that.”

I do not know about you, but I am thankful to have a President who is willing to call out the biggest threat to humanity roaming the planet today … the communist Chinese regime.

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