Opinion| On Saturday night in the middle of Mayor Jenny Durkan’s “Summer of Love” Antifa and BLM anarchists injured 59 police officers in just one night of ‘protesting’ according to reports. Leftist hoodlums violently erupted into a riot during a protest to stand in unison with the ‘protesters’ in Portland.

Durkan’s Darlings set fires, vandalized property, hurled explosives, and assaulted police officers. Fifty-nine police officers were injured that night. One had to be hospitalized. Rioters were pelting police with  “explosives, rocks, bottles, and wood.

Officers suffered ”from “abrasions and bruising to burns and a torn meniscus.” dozens of ‘protesters’ were arrested that night on charges ranging from “assaults on officers, failure to disperse, and obstruction.”

The Seattle Police Dept tweeted:

‘Police have made at least 3 arrests and continue to work to disperse large crowd on Capitol Hill. Earlier incident was determined to be a life-safety issue/declared a riot. Individuals continue to throw explosives and fire mortars at police. At least 2 officers have been injured.’

Then posted an update:

‘Just in: arrest count is now 11. More details as they become available.’

‘Earlier today, at least 1 person breached a fence line @ the East Precinct. Moments later, a device exploded leaving an ~8” hole in the side of the precinct. This was one of several dangerous incidents that led SPD to declare today’s incident a riot. Arson/Bomb dets investigating’

Then posted an update:

‘Update: 16 arrests for assault on officers, obstruction and failure to disperse.’

‘Large group gathered at 11th and Pine. Individuals in crowd throwing rocks and bottles. Officers again working to clear the area.’

‘Officer injuries, precinct damage, arrest updates from July 25th protests. Video included.

CNN’s Fredo Show’s Twitter tweeted out:

“We have to assume what’s happening in Portland could happen here.”

Seattle’s Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan says she does not want federal agents in her city as they are creating a “public safety risk” and a “dangerous escalation” in Portland.’

There is currently a recall petition against Durkan. Durkan like Ted Wheeler in Portland blames President Trump for the violence by sending in federal agents. But the riots had been ongoing for six weeks before the first agent arrived in Seattle.

It is unthinkable that Democrats all across the country and especially in congress are championing the rioters and ignoring their many victims.

Steven Ahle

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