Steven Ahle| This is yet another reason why China wants Joe Biden to become President of the United States.

That’s because Joe is an “honest politician”. Once you buy him, he stays bought. They have pumped money into the Biden family and they now have Joe’s complete loyalty.

Shortly after federal authorities nabbed a fugitive scientist inside the San Francisco consulate, another group forced their way into the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas.

Earlier this week the Chinese were kept busy burning papers before they were forced to close the consulate in Houston that had been exposed as a key spy terminal.

The State Department ordered the consulate earlier in the week, identifying it as a spy hub the most important one they have … outside of Joe’s Basement (it’s a joke guys, relax.)

You can expect the Chinese will retaliate and at the same time refute the accusation against them.

They are hoping the Democratic strategy of denying the obvious works for them as well.

A senior Justice Department official said:

“The sum total of the Houston consulate’s activities went well over the line of what we’re willing to accept, and unless we disrupted it, it threatened to become even more aggressive in Houston and in other Chinese consulates nationwide.”

Chinese protesters heckled the Chinese consulate staff as they left the building for the very last time. Chinese scientist Tang Juan was apprehended at the former Chinese consulate in San Francisco.

Tang had concealed her ties to the Chinese military  in order to enter the US, lied to federal investigators about those links and subsequently tried to avoid arrest by taking refuge in the San Francisco consulate according to early reports.

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