JACK HADFIELD| National File| During Tuesday’s presidential debate, President Trump demolished Joe Biden’s academic credentials after he brought up intelligence.

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden were debating the current response to the coronavirus crisis, when Joe Biden mentioned intelligence in regards to President Trump’s allegedly failed response.

“Did you use the word smart?” Trump said. “So you said you went to Delaware state but you forgot the name of your college. You didn’t go to Delaware State. You graduated the lowest, or almost lowest in your class,” President Trump highlighted.

In September of 1987, during Biden’s failed presidential campaign, Biden told a voter, only identified as Frank, that he had a much higher IQ than him. Biden backed this up by claiming that he had graduated in the “top half” of his college class with “three degrees.”

This was a complete lie. Biden was then later forced to admit that he did not graduate at the top half of his class, and only has one degree, instead of three. He also claimed that he had a full scholarship and several awards from lawschool, but Newsweek confirmed that he only received a half scholarship, and no awards.

Don’t ever use the word smart with me,” President Trump continued. “Don’t ever use that word, because you know what? There’s nothing smart about you Joe. 47 years you’ve done nothing!”

Earlier on in the debate, Biden and Trump faced off against each other on the topic of healthcare, where President Trump accused Biden of signing up to socialist healthcare policies pushed by Bernie Sanders:

“The fact of the matter is, I beat Bernie Sanders,” Biden shot back, but Trump was quick to respond as well. “Not by much!” Trump replied. “If Pocahontas hadn’t left two days early, you would have lost every primary on Super Tuesday!” During the Democrat primaries, most of the candidates all dropped out in one go, and backed Biden, including Elizabeth Warrern (Pocahontas), and Pete Buttigieg.

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    • BRIBEden,like ole barry,has to have THREE teleprompters to even speak! Lol
      BRIBEden also has to have a wire so he knows what to SAY, because he can’t THINK!! LOL
      Talk about intelligence joey,you can’t hold a candle to TRUMP!! HE knows how to THINK and TALK without THREE teleprompters and A WIRE telling him what to THINK N SAY!!

  • Hilarious nonsense!
    You people argue as tho you are all religious!

    You see things that are not there,
    and create lies….

    It was quite obvious that Trump used no intelligence and just bullied his way through the debate.

  • Having watched the debate not to mention Biden’s comments and actions during 8 years as Obamas VP it would not surprise me if Biden finished 85th in a class of 76 . Way back when , prior to the 2008 elections I was speaking to a cousin who is a Delaware resident . I said something about they must be proud of their VP candidate and they asked why , ” He hasn’t done anything in the 30 + years he has held elected office . And in doing some research I see it is true . Biden has done nothing in his 47 years in public office . Imagine , 47 years on the people’s dime and nothing done for your constituents !

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