PATRICK HOWLEY| National File| D.C. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden fundraised for his daughter-in-law Kathleen’s nonprofit group the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project, which sends court-appointed attorneys to insert themselves into divorce and custody cases on behalf of children. The DC Volunteer Lawyers Project quietly dismissed a volunteer lawyer who was accused of propositioning a teen boy in a courthouse bathroom in 2011.

The boy’s mother told NATIONAL FILE that she believes the Biden group’s volunteer lawyer was using his power to victimize her son as part of a pattern of the employee inviting “boys” to his home for supposed mentoring. Her son, who she said does not want to be involved in a political article for fear of his own employment, confirmed the basic details of his mother’s version of events but says that he did not feel victimized — however, witnesses confirm that he felt victimized at the time of the incident. A witness calls the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project a “sleazy group” and said “they hang out all over the courthouses.”

Emails provided to NATIONAL FILE by a former Washington Examiner editor and a separate witness statement confirm that a complaint was made to the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project. Kathleen Biden helped found the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project in 2008 and became a co-chair of the group during her failed marriage to Hunter Biden, who attended at least one fundraiser for the group. In 2019, it was reported that Kathleen was working full-time for the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project, which counted CNN’s Jake Tapper as its gala guest. Joe Biden attended at least three fundraisers for the group as Vice President in 2013, 2014, and 2015, after the bathroom incident occurred. Hunter Biden and Kathleen divorced after Hunter’s Ashley Madison account, which he tried to blame on Russian imposters, was traced to Georgetown University during the period he was teaching there.

A Mother Speaks Out

Victoria Rose is a retired Marine and expert on homeschooling who accompanied her son Jefferson to her friend’s custody hearing at a courthouse in Washington, D.C. There, her son had a bathroom run-in with an employee from the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project named James Marion Broadstone. Multiple members of Victoria’s group who were present that day confirmed the following story in its entirety.

“At that time, I was pretty naive. My son at that time really enjoyed fashion, and he had a gorgeous head of hair. And so, as we were there, we were walking around the courthouse investigating it. We came and sat down,” Victoria said. “We were waiting to go into the courtroom. Broadstone spoke to Jeff and said, “I like the cut of your jib.” And then he started talking with Jefferson, and then in a little bit Jefferson made the comment and said I need to go to the bathroom. I did not notice Broadstone go in there. As soon as Broadstone went in there, my son walked out. He said he felt very uncomfortable. Broadstone called me over to him and said, I have gatherings at my home somewhere near Annapolis, and he said I mentor young men like your son, and here is my card and here is where he can come to my house. I held onto that card. Jefferson never did get to speak.”

“He was not allowed to testify, the whole thing was rigged. We went out to eat…and immediately Jefferson said mom that guy was such a creep. Everybody else had picked up on it. He said mom he was propositioning me, he liked the cut of my jib and he liked the way I look,” Victoria said. “Everybody at the table agreed that Broadstone was trying to pick him up, because he had ‘helped’ other teenagers in the past. Later I learned because he had been functioning for the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project inviting young men to his house, for some time.”

“Parents in that system when you’re looking for solutions you are grasping. When you have a professional reach out to you and say they can help. In his case, I think he was a predator. We made a report of some sort, and they let him kind of go away without taking care of it, or actually reporting it, or making sure he couldn’t get to other kids, and I think he left the area. It wasn’t handled in a way to expose what had happened to people or other families who might have thought he was genuine because of his credential with the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project,” Victoria said.

“I remember him saying that he mentored young boys that he met in the courthouse, I do remember asking, what was his point? Jefferson did not make a scene of it, he just explained at lunch, yeah that creepy guy followed me into the bathroom. He was looking at me up and down and commenting on my hair and commenting on my clothes. He himself described that he had had a lot of boys out to his place,” Victoria said. “Broadstone definitely said ‘boys’…It felt a little bit like he was trying to leverage the whole situation with the power that he with his position could stand in the way of trying to get help…He was creepy. It was a shocking thing to find out, especially about people who present themselves as trying to help people. They are finding people who are desperate for answers and when all their resources have run out, which is the worst thing to do to people,” Victoria said.

Victoria said that she spoke with son Jefferson about participating in this report, but that he said he did not want to be involved in a political article. Victoria noted that her son feared for his job if the story got out.  Read More At National File

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  • Proves Biden is into ANY type of crime imaginable ! Nothing is too low for a liberal dem or rino . But their profoundly stupid voters ignore it all !

  • This smacks of the Comet Pizza front for child molestation and unspeakable other activities. Everyone plays off Joe Biden’s indiscretions with children as “he’s touchy feely” or at worse “Creepy Joe:, but if people look at the compilation of Biden fondling young girls, on national TV no less, they might recognize classic pedophilia where the disorder is so strong they cannot help themselves even when fully evidenced on camera. Jeff Sessions slapping Biden’s hand away from his grand daughter is a real honest forensic.

  • People, if you are still a
    Biden supporter, I pray every day for you to wake up and see what is actually happening. This country will be in complete turmoil if he and Kamala Harris win the election, and you will wake up one morning to see what a mistake it is. God bless you all and God bless the President and our country.

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