Patrick Howely| National File| Text messages obtained by NATIONAL FILEshow that North Carolina Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham’s mistress Arlene Guzman Todd has naked photos of Cunningham, and that Cunningham and Guzman Todd had sex in Cunningham’s family home.

In one photo sent by Guzman Todd to a friend, she captioned “Likes getting oral. Will travel. And has lips too.”

As the texts continued, Guzman Todd began to have mixed emotions about Cunningham, at one point saying “quite frankly he doesn’t deserve my p**sy.” She then debated whether or not to formally end things with the Democrat rising star.

Guzman Todd and her friend wondered if Cal Cunningham got “busted” due to their relationship and communications.

In a series of texts, Guzman Todd admits she video called Cunningham after debating ending the relationship, and told her friend she wanted to “f**k him one last time and break his heart.”


In a further text message, Guzman Todd confirmed her intention to leave him after one last encounter. “Trying to make plans to see the politician so I can give him the f**k of his life and then walk away.”

Guzman then referenced further communication with the top North Carolina Democrat. “Texted him happy birthday and got: ‘I want to unwrap you today … only gift that comes to mind.”

Guzman Todd then made references toward Cunningham’s relationship with his wife.  Read the rest at National File.

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