Apparently the debate last night, and the unpredicted butt kicking that Joe Biden experienced, was enough to cause the media (social and dinosaur) to panic.  This morning my friend Tom posted this on Facebook:


Posted by Tom Pappert on Friday, October 23, 2020

What a coincidence, mere hours after Joe Biden set his campaign into a dumpster, on national television, and set it a blaze …

TOM PAPPERT| National File| This morning Facebook banned National File editor-in-chief Tom Pappert’s irreverent pro-Trump meme page, God Emperor Trump, for the 7th time since he launched it in 2015, claiming that Pappert made the nearly five-year-old page to evade a recent Facebook ban.

On October 23, only 10 days before the presidential election, Facebook banned the God Emperor Trump Facebook Page, claiming Pappert made the page after being banned by Facebook. However, Pappert made the page in December of 2015, and has been posting nearly identical content on it for almost five years. Prior to being banned, the page had over 340,000 Facebook followers and 330,000 Facebook likes.

On Twitter, Pappert wrote “Today Facebook banned my pro-Trump meme page, God Emperor Trump, for the 7th time in five years. I broke no rules. I ran no other page that got banned. They just banned my page that reaches millions 10 days before the election based on a totally bogus excuse.”

Facebook has previously banned and reinstated the God Emperor Trump Page six times, with the previous ban being covered in Breitbart. As Breitbart reported:

“God Emperor Trump,” a popular pro-Trump Facebook page, has been removed from Facebook for the sixth time on the same day that the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe denied to Congress that it routinely censoring conservatives.

“No posts were removed from the page, none of the page’s staff were banned from the platform, and nobody was given the customary ‘Session Expired’ notification users receive when they go against one of Facebook’s Community Standards. Instead, our team was given a notification that God Emperor Trump was unpublished with no explanation,” declared the page in a statement. “This is the sixth time our page has been purged by Facebook in some form.”

Pappert has contacted Facebook for comment and did not receive an immediate response. Pappert can be contacted for comment at [email protected]

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