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Pelosi’s Politicization of A National Crisis Just Blew Up In Her Face … Bigly


Pelosi’s Politicization of A National Crisis Just Blew Up In Her Face … Bigly

Steven Ahle| They can’t say they weren’t warned. Everyone and their mother told the Democrats that a bogus impeachment proceeding would hurt them at the ballot box.

But just like open borders and killing babies who were born alive, the Democrats insist the majority stands with them.

Maybe so, but when you fall, you fall alone.

The GOP is now more popular than the Dems.

The latest Gallup Poll shows that 40% of voters approve of GOP members of congress with the Dems five points behind at 35%.

In the last poll before the impeachment farce, the Dems led the GOP by a score of 38% to 34% a swing of 9 points.

One more attempted impeachment and the November 3rd election will be near-unanimous.

I suspect that when the Republicans take back the House, Pelosi will either resign from the House or will be thrown out of leadership by her fellow Democrats.

From The Daily Wire:

Other findings in the poll found:

Gallup also found that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s took a leap upward since October, when it languished at 27%; it now rests at 33%. Gallup stated, “Although, on a relative basis, McConnell’s favorability is not particularly high, it is his highest rating since Gallup’s first reading in 2010.”

Meanwhile, Pelosi’s unfavorable rating has risen from 50% in October to 55% now, almost as high as it was before the 2010 midterm elections when GOP retook the House, when it was 56%. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer? His 46% unfavorable rating is the highest it has ever been.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) was more popular with Democrats than Republicans. 56% of Democrats approved of him but only 23% of Republicans agreed. His favorable rating has risen 19 points with Democrats and plunged 22 points among Republicans.

Plenty of warnings were issued to the Democrats that an impeachment of Trump might backfire; in November FOX Business’ Stuart Varney stated, “Time to set a few things straight about impeachment. Number one: it is a purely political strategy. The Democrats intend to damage the president as much as possible right before the election. It is entirely partisan; all Republicans voted no; all but two Democrats voted yes. No matter what the lawyers say, this is not a legal issue. Are we prepared to remove this president from office on the basis of a phone call to the Ukraine? Don’t be fooled by legalisms; that is a political question.”

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