We are now being told more details about the bizarre explosion that rocked Nashville, a city that has seen more than it’s fair share of tragedy in the last few months.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting:

Don Cochran, the US Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee on Sunday said during a press conference that Nashville bomber Anthony Warner perished at the site of the explosion.

Warner’s DNA was found at the site of the explosion.

Anthony Quinn Warner, 63 of Nashville parked an RV on 2nd Avenue in downtown Nashville and broadcast a warning before the Christmas morning blast.

Following the explosion, Tennessee’s governor noted the Nashville blast affected over 20 local 911 call centers, residential phone lines and cell service.

Douglas Korneski, the FBI-Special-Agent-in-Charge confirmed there are no other suspects in the Nashville explosion and credited the public for helping identify the bomber.

Feds are investigating possible motives for the “suicide bombing” including Anthony Warner’s paranoia about 5G being used as a way to spy on Americans.

Watch the press conference:

It’s a shame that the USG and their Justice apparatus has burnt all their credibility, or else this would be a super easy to swallow story.  While I am inclined to believe it is mostly, if not all true, it is still very hard to trust US Attorneys after the recent years.

There have been a lot of conspiracy theories floating around about the cause, source and desired outcome of the explosion.  Many have said that they think it was in some way related to voting irregularities and the effort to ‘cover up’ such activities.

While I do not doubt there were shenanigans that took place during this election (to what degree it is impossible for me to know without first hand knowledge) I have become very doubtful when I hear these whimsical tales that some white knight is going to come and save the nation from the establishment.

Let’s hope this incident was what the authorities say it was and that if anyone else was involved they will be held to account.


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