President Trump has learned the hard way that the circle of people he can trust is small, very small.  Luckily for him, he found the most amazing press secretary in US history, Kayleigh McEnany.  McEnany has proven time after time that she is a master at exposing the hypocrisy of the left.

In this interview with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer, White House Press Secretary McEnany exposed the debate commission as the partisan hacks they have proven themselves to be.  Here is the transcript:

McEnany: ‘But we certainly need Democrats to come to the table.’

Hemmer: ‘ ‘I know that’s not your business.  We will find out what happens in the Senate, whether or not something happens in the Senate in the next fourteen days.

Meanwhile,  on this next debate, what does the White House make of the new button that will be in effect two nights from now?’  

McEnany:  ‘Well, look, you can mute the mic of the president of the United States, but you can not silence the voice of the American people who are going to show up resoundingly for this president.   It’s pathetic what the Commission on Presidential Debates is doing, you ever have Bob Dole calling them out, saying this is not an effective bipartisan commission.  He is exactly right about this.

They are staging this for Biden and if you look at through the topics, it was supposed to be foreign policy, if you look though the topics, they have basically been hand selected to set up Joe Biden for a win, it’s appalling, what we are seeing.’

Hemmer: ‘Well, that might be, but the president was arguing foreign policy is not on there, but you know the debate moderator, based on the rule, they have the authority to set up what topic are discussed.’

McEnany:  ‘Yes, and they set it up, didn’t they?  And they set it up exactly for Joe Biden. President Trump basically ensured that foreign policy would not be the topic of the debate when he negotiated not one, but two Middle East peace deals.  He has a tremendous record.  Joe Biden meanwhile, you look at him, worst foreign policy decision ever, never been right on it.  Those are the words of Bob Gates.

So, it couldn’t possibly be the topic and Kirstin Welker certainly gave him some cover, didn’t she?’

Hemmer:  ‘Joe Biden has said he has been getting read for this debate all week, and we have not seen him yet.’ 

It could not be more clear the the Commission on Presidential Debates, or as I like to call them ‘The Commission to Attempt to Ensure The Election of Joe Biden’ is nothing more than front for the ‘elite’ and their interests.


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