Sleepy and corrupt Joe Biden began his campaign with the lie that President Trump has refused to denounce white supremacy.  The media has largely refused to call Joe on it … or anything else for that matter.  In their defense it is hard to question a candidate on something when that candidate never takes questions.

Even USA Today admitted Trump’s Charlottesville comments twisted by Joe Biden and the media

Sure, Donald Trump said there were ‘fine people on both sides’ but in the next breath he condemned ‘neo-Nazis and White nationalists.‘ Don’t leave that out.’

It’s not just Joe, Kamala also loves repeating the lie that Trump refuses to denounce the disgusting racist white supremacists.  For the record we want nothing to do with white supremacy, we are more interested in freedom.  Free markets, and freedom of expression.  Just last month The Hill ran a piece entitled: ‘Harris blasts Trump for refusing to denounce white supremacy.’

There is just one problem.  As usually, for Democrats that problem is … the truth.  Donald Trump has a new ad that lays their lies bare for the whole country to see.

Fox News reported on the new ad:

‘The Trump campaign on Tuesday released a video compiling more than three dozen times President Trump has denounced White supremacy, as his Democratic rival Joe Biden and his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris of California continue to claim this week on the campaign trail that he has failed to do so.

The Trump campaign rolled out a nearly 5-minute-long video of the president, featuring video clips from as recently as this month, to his 2016 presidential campaign, and dating all the way back to an interview Trump gave to Matt Lauer in the early 2000s, where he denounced White supremacy and “disavowed” White supremacist groups.

The video comes after Biden and Harris have criticized Trump, casting him as a racist and claiming he has not denounced White supremacy, and also comes as part of the Trump campaign’s final pitch to win over Black voters ahead of Election Day.

“President Trump wants to prosecute the KKK as a terrorist organization and has condemned White supremacy at least 38 times. 38 times!” a senior Trump campaign official told Fox News.’

You can watch the video below :

It would be a shame if all of Facebook and Twitter say this video, now wouldn’t it … Whatever you do, don’t share this EVERYWHERE 😉


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